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To replace "Arleigh Burkam" and "Ticonderogam": The US Navy began to develop a new promising destroyer

To replace "Arleigh Burkam" and "Ticonderogam": The US Navy began to develop a new promising destroyer
The US Navy intends to receive a new destroyer in the near future. As reported by USNI News, the US Navy has launched a program to create a new “missile destroyer”.

As the newspaper writes, after 10 years of the beginning and stops of various programs to create a surface warship, The US Navy has finally really launched a program to develop a new destroyer. According to the plans of the US Navy, the construction of a new ship should start already in 2028 fiscal year.

Development and other work, related to the new project will be handled by a special office, opened last Friday with the original staff in 16 human. They will develop a strategy, project, construction plans, tests, etc.. and so on. new surface ship. On 2022 about 79,7 million dollars. The work will be carried out in cooperation with the Hunting Ingalls Industries shipyard and General Dynamics.

Little is known about the project of the new destroyer.. Of the requirements for it, two main ones stand out. – this is the presence of the combat information and control system Aegis and the power electric propulsion system Zumwalt. Moreover, the presence of an electric propulsion system is considered almost a basic requirement. by the way, the shape of the body will also be new.

In the future, a promising destroyer should “become a successor” destroyers “Arly Burke” and missile cruisers “Tykonderoha”.

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