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"Possibly a U-turn towards the Russians": US press on the purchase of new equipment by the Iraqi military

«Possible U-turn towards Russians»: US press on the purchase of new equipment by the Iraqi military
Russian press claims, that Iraq is showing interest in the S-400 and S-300 air defense systems and Su-57 fighters. However, Western observers believe, that Moscow in the market of this country will face strong opposition from Arab countries, intending to gain a foothold in Iraq.

Intensive negotiations are underway between the United States and Iraq on the withdrawal of American troops., staying here with 2003 of the year.

Russia and China will be watching very closely, will there be a vacuum, which they can fill
– said Marine Corps General Frank McKenzie.

As stated in Defense News, Moscow will try to occupy a niche in the modernization of the Iraqi army, proposing new fighters, helicopters, armored vehicles and air defense systems.

At the same time, there has been a rapprochement between Iraq and the UAE and Saudi Arabia.. When, if cooperation is established with them in the military-technical sphere, then it is possible to subsidize the defense procurement of Baghdad. Then, at the expense of these Arab countries, the Iraqi military will receive American combat systems.. However, Moscow may offer barter: weapons in exchange for hydrocarbons.

Russian weapons, usually, cheaper than American, which makes it possible to turn towards the Russians
– noted in the US press.

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