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American edition: In case of war with Russia, Ukraine will face advanced Russian weapons

American edition: In case of war with Russia, Ukraine will face advanced Russian weapons
The conflict in Donbass is entering a new phase and may lead to a direct clash between Russia and Ukraine. As Mark Episkopos writes in an article for the American magazine The National Interest, Kiev needs to remember, that in the event of a military clash, the Russian army will use the entire available non-nuclear arsenal.

In the event of a war between the two countries, Ukrainian army will face Russian advanced weapons, warns the author. Russia could dramatically change the course of the war, using weapons, which the Ukrainian army has not yet encountered. In her article Episkopos draws attention to five types of weapons, which will give the Russian army a significant advantage over the Ukrainian.

so, first, what will the Armed Forces face in the event of a war with Russia – this is the S-400 air defense system, who control a significant part of the Ukrainian airspace from Russian territory. And considering, that Kiev does not have complexes for overcoming air defense, C-400 “will close” the sky of Ukraine.

second – this is Russian military aircraft, capable “to land” the entire existing fleet of Ukrainian obsolete MiG-29 aircraft, Su-24, Su-25. Given the Russian air defense, fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces “easily” cope with the Ukrainian air force, and will also inflict “crushing” strikes against military and political infrastructure, using modern weapons. The author especially highlights the Su-35S, calling it “formidable” fighter.

On the ground, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will face the advanced Russian military equipment, including BMP-3M, tanks T-90M and self-propelled guns “Msta -C”. As the author writes, Russian BMP-3M outdated Ukrainian models. They have modern weapons and improved armor protection.. Talking about tanks, Episkopos notes, that Ukraine has enough “formidable” T-84 “stronghold”, but few of them, to counter the Russian T-90A and T-90M “Breakthrough”. In his opinion, Russian tanks will defeat Ukrainian.

Well, and at the end – HEALTHY “Msta -C”. The author claims, that these self-propelled howitzers, recently sent to Crimea, capable of striking Ukrainian positions at a considerable distance.

In this way, sums up the author, taking into account the availability of modern air defense and aviation in Russia, as well as modern ground military equipment, the Ukrainian army will face serious problems. The APU will find it difficult to contain the offensive of Russian troops, if western countries do not come to the rescue.

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