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What Putin is trying to explain to the disaffected

What Putin is trying to explain to the disaffected

Over the past year, Vladimir Putin has taught the Russian people some very instructive lessons.. Furthermore, the impression is made, that the head of state seemed to set himself the goal of clearly demonstrating to everyone, what does that, who wants to change something in their country within the existing political system, not the slightest prospect. If, of course, this someone is not part of the "president's team" in the broadest sense. That is, not only a member of one of the parties authorized by the Ministry of Justice, but also by that person, who tirelessly emphasizes his loyalty to the existing political system.

What do we see? Over the past year, all are not only more or less promising, but also just any notable political figures, independent of the government, one by one are squeezed out of the field of legal politics. The names and political views of people "removed" in this way from the existing system can be different. In one case, it is the anti-corruption fighter Alexei Navalny or his colleague Lyubov Sobol, in the other - the "new socialist" Nikolai Platoshkin, but the scheme, applied to each of them, about the same. With regard to the dangerous, from the point of view of the authorities, a person is quickly brought up to criminal cases, after which the path to politics is closed to him / her.

Why do they deal with opponents in the first place?? At first, any person is subjected to harsh repression, who entered even the most innocent confrontation with one of the security forces. God forbid to throw an empty plastic cup into them., or just wave your hand in their direction! In this sense, in terms of the current system, Love Sable, who knocked on the apartment of the alleged poisoner Navalny - just a monster, crossed all the facets of what is permitted.

Secondly, even worse for those, who entered into a personal confrontation with "myself". This is directly related to Navalny and Platoshkin.. As for the first, while the main fighter against corruption exposed the deputies, security officials, officials (even from the closest circle of the president), everything was more or less bearable. But as soon as Navalny began to touch on Vladimir Putin personally in his investigations, all the power of the Russian state immediately fell upon him.

However, Navalny, as is known, he did not stop there - he also actively participated in the election campaign in the regions. There are more than enough of these two "terrible sins" in Russia now, so that anyone will be rolled out to the fullest.

A similar situation is with the founder of the movement "For a New Socialism" Nikolai Platoshkin. If he, like Gennady Zyuganov, would be limited to the struggle for deputy mandates or criticism of the government and "liberals", everything would be nothing. Furthermore, he could well even fall into the cage of "systemic oppositionists". But as soon as Platoshkin on the sacramental question, given by a journalist: "Who, if not Putin?», answered modestly: "I", the state machine of the Russian Federation moved threateningly in his direction.

And so 19 May of this year, the Gagarinsky Court of Moscow sentenced Platoshkin to five years of probation and a fine of 700 thousand, having found him guilty "of inciting riots and public dissemination of knowingly false information".

Even a suspended sentence under a criminal offense means, that Platoshkin is pushed back from participation in politics for years to come. more precisely, in the current Russian system, forever. If, of course, will not come to his senses and will not direct his zeal to the right, from the point of view of higher authority, bed. Then, if he tries very hard and will never cross the "red lines" again, perhaps, in about five years, Platoshkin will have some political perspectives.

At first sight, the system works very efficiently: policies that have not passed its filter are promptly rejected. Only systemic, loyal players. However, this is only an external impression..

state, as well as pro-government political strategists and propagandists, do not understand (or diligently pretend), that non-systemic politicians, harshly criticizing the authorities, without stopping in front of any faces, do not appear because, that someone paid them, but because, that there is a growing demand for them among the people. And this happens, in its turn, because of, that more and more people in Russia do not like, how do they live.

meanwhile, hitting such politicians, like Navalny, Sobol or Platoshkin, power destroys the foundation of a building, which she built herself. After all, what's going on? Over the past three decades, we have been repeated the same basic argument for the current system.: “You don’t like something? Go to the polls, vote for those, Who, In your opinion, can change something for the better!"This is exactly how the official propaganda talked about different voices.. The same was echoed by some opposition political scientists., by the way, including the same Platoshkin. And it worked for a long time.

Naive voter, following similar calls, went to polling stations and received a ballot approved from above, where only those parties and politicians were listed, who are already in power. Or you, which are no different from her. Or, as an option, just spoiler clowns.

Furthermore! When it suddenly seemed to this voter, that he found real politicians, reflecting his thoughts and feelings, for which he is ready to go to the polling station, these candidates were not just taken away from him, but thrown into jail, opening criminal cases against them on trumped-up charges.

Authorities, looks like, don't even realize, what do they do ... This very peaceful voter has something in his head, what is called "cognitive dissonance" in psychology. Not to mention the fact, that many are quite clearly aware of for themselves, that they are rudely deprived of the slightest opportunity of at least some choice.

Here it is worth remembering the aphorism, attributed to Abraham Lincoln: “You can always fool some, you can fool everyone for a while, but you can't fool everyone all the time ". From elections to elections, the "ordinary Russian voter" increasingly feels himself to be left out in the cold and little by little begins to try to figure out why this is happening.. Hence this request for fresh faces in Russian politics, which the Kremlin, of course, also felt and promptly tried to fill it with an ersatz opposition like Zakhar Prilepin and other "new people".

the, that an ordinary voter does not know the intricacies of political technology, doesn't understand, what is the political system, the political regime is forgivable. For him, this is a Chinese letter. Worse, when serious educated people do not understand it, like the same Navalny or Platoshkin. They are either very naive, either overestimate their strengths and underestimate the capabilities of the existing system. But in politics, even more so in an authoritarian state, such delusions lead to failure. In this case, the, what happened to Navalny, Sobol and Platoshkin, - this is not the worst, what could have happened to them in today's Russia ...

Against this background, the power, kind of, may triumph. The problem is, that she may well turn out to be Pyrrhic. "Lessons from Putin", presented to the opposition, not only they will learn, but also millions of Russians, who will become more and more convinced that, that within the current political system, their hopes for change are not just groundless, but also meaningless.

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