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The foreign press talks about the differences and the demand for modifications of the F-35 fighter

The foreign press talks about the differences and the demand for modifications of the F-35 fighter
Fighter F-35, used by the United States and its allies, is the most ambitious and expensive weapons project in the world today. This program was started to replace the countries in service, participating in the project, a wide range of old combat aircraft, such as fighters, stormtroopers and scouts.

The news portal EurAsian Times tells about it.

There are eight international partners of the program - USA, United Kingdom, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, Norway, Denmark and Canada. Six more foreign customers purchase and operate the F-35: Israel, Japan, South Korea, Poland, Belgium and Singapore.

The main contractor is the American company Lockheed Martin. Fighter project X-35 won the competition from X-32, developed by Boeing. Ultimately, the X-35 became the F-35 Lightning II., which is intended to gradually replace various military aircraft, such as American F-16, A-10, F/A-18, AV-8B and British Harrier GR7, GR9, Tornado GR4.

This combat vehicle is available in three versions.: A, B and C. The F-35B entered service with the Marine Corps in 2015 year, then 2016 year in the US Air Force appeared F-35A, and 2019 year the US Navy received the F-35C.

The foreign press talks about the differences between the modifications of the F-35 fighter.

The F-35A aircraft takes off from a conventional runway., like most other military and civil aircraft. Therefore, it is supplied to the Air Force..

The publication calls the F-35B the "most impressive" version of this project., which has advantages over the other two. This fighter is capable of literally hovering in the air., take off and land vertically. To provide this opportunity, it was equipped with three engines: two lifting and one lifting-marching. But because of this, the plane sacrifices about a third of its fuel supply., which significantly reduces its range. This is a definite disadvantage of the F-35B.

F-35C fighter takes off from aircraft carriers using a catapult. It features larger wing sections with fold-down sections and a stronger landing gear to reduce stress when landing on deck.

In general, the observer of the aforementioned publication considers, that among all three modifications of the fifth generation F-35 fighter, it is the F-35B version that is the most successful and potentially in demand.

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