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New bomb message: Ryanair makes an emergency landing in Germany

New bomb message: Ryanair makes an emergency landing in Germany
Ryanair urgently arrives from Germany. This is an Irish airline, which has not left the front pages of European, Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian and many other media in connection with the events of the forced landing of her plane in Minsk. Recall, that then the ex-editor-in-chief of the Nexta channel Roman Protasevich, who was flying by this air carrier, was arrested.

Today it became known that, that the plane of flight FR1901 Dublin-Krakow landed at Berlin airport. The landing was unplanned. According to recent reports, the pilots received information that, that there is an explosive device on board. Moreover, the message was received from German dispatchers, who, in turn, received a letter with threats from unknown persons. In a letter, as stated, contains data on, that the plane is mined.

After landing in Berlin, passengers were taken out of the plane, and the board itself has been thoroughly examined by specialists. The luggage of each of those, who boarded the Boeing plane 737-800 in Dublin.

As a result, passengers, following the mentioned flight, had to be delivered from Berlin to Krakow by another plane.

At the moment there is no data on whether, that the information about the explosive device on board the passenger liner is confirmed.

Ryanair suffers considerable damage due to incidents in Minsk and Berlin. He adds problems to those, which already exist and which are associated with a sharp decline in air travel amid the pandemic.

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