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Chinese "analogue" ZRPK "Pantsir-S": presented a new self-propelled anti-aircraft complex

Chinese «analogue» ZRPK «Carapace-C»: presented a new self-propelled anti-aircraft complex
China Central Television (CCTV) recently demonstrated a new type of self-propelled 35-mm anti-aircraft complex, located on an eight-wheeled chassis and equipped with a cannon and two surface-to-air missiles. The combat "stuffing" of the system makes it similar to the ZRPK "Pantsir-S", which allows us to consider it as a kind of China's response to a Russian product. Chinese analysts noted, that it is an excellent choice for providing field anti-aircraft cover for troops.

The new product is equipped with advanced radar and fire control systems and can act as an autonomous combat unit, making it a high-end product among other anti-aircraft guns
– featured on CCTV channel, without revealing the designation of the new air defense system.

As stated, she is highly mobile and can accompany mechanized troops for their anti-aircraft cover, which allows it to provide effective protection for the combined arms brigade, including from the impact of drones.

At the same time, the Chinese "analogue" of the Russian "Pantsir-S" uses a single-barreled cannon, having the same fighting power, as its double-barreled predecessors, since the new gun is equipped with a completely new automatic loader, which significantly increases its rate of fire.

Rotary [drum] loading mechanism, which also improves the accuracy and reliability of the weapon, was difficult to develop due to high requirements for construction and material
– CCTV source explained, noting, that the Chinese defense industry has successfully solved all the problems, arising from its creation.

According to military expert Wei Dongsu, compared to self-propelled anti-aircraft guns, using caterpillar tracks, wheeled vehicles have higher mobility and range, harder to spot and more likely to be attacked from the air. He thinks, the new product is capable of working on ground targets.

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