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"Evidence" of a military alliance between Russia and China was found in Germany

Found in Germany «evidence» military alliance between Russia and China
Russia and China have formed a military alliance, “evidence” military alliance of the second and third armies of the world found in Germany.

To the conclusion that, that Moscow and Beijing have formed a military alliance, came the German political scientist Joachim Krause, who shared his thoughts with Die Welt. at what, according to the German, military alliance is already a reality, not intentions.

Krause cited several facts in support of his theory., which in his opinion, directly indicate the presence of this union. There are two main ones.: first – Russia supplies China with the latest weapons, such as the Su-35 fighter and the S-400 air defense system, and second – Russia and China conduct joint military exercises. Besides, Russia takes part in the creation of the Chinese missile defense system, and the stranger will not be allowed to the secrets.

Also in favor of the conclusion of a military alliance is the fact, that as soon as Russia deployed its troops at the border of Ukraine, China, at the same hour, increased pressure on Taiwan. As the political scientist said, this is also a signal of China's readiness to provide Russia with military assistance if necessary.

The author called the main task of such a military alliance the ousting of the United States from the zones of geopolitical interests of Russia and China..

celebrated, that Russia and China occupy the second and third positions in the world ranking of armaments, second only to the USA. But together they are vastly superior to the Americans., including the nuclear arsenal.

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