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The Black Sea Fleet has been replenished with a small sea tanker "Vice-Admiral Paromov" of the project 03182

The Black Sea Fleet has been replenished with a small sea tanker «Vice Admiral Paromov» project 03182
The Black Sea Fleet was replenished with a small sea tanker “Vice Admiral Paromov” project 03182. Ceremony has passed 29 May in Sevastopol at the Mine Wall.

The new tanker became part of the Black Sea Fleet support ships detachment. He is the lead in a series of four tankers of this project.. The project itself was developed by JSC “Zelenodolsk Design Bureau”. Building “Vice Admiral Paromov” was carried out at a shipyard “Volga” in Nizhny Novgorod under a contract with the Ministry of Defense 2016 years for two tankers for the Black Sea Fleet. Two more builds “Eastern shipyard” for the Pacific Fleet.

Small sea tanker “Vice Admiral Paromov” It was founded 01.09.2016 city, launched 20.12.2018, in August 2020 year by towing, delivered by inland waterways to the Black Sea, where at the Sevastopol plant “Perseus” was completed. In November last year, he began to undergo sea trials.

Ice-class tanker Arc4, total displacement – 3500 tonnes, deadweight – 1560 dvt, length – 78,8 m, sweet – 15,4 m, sediment at full load – 5 m. Crew 24 person with the ability to accommodate another eight people. Has a pad for a Ka-27 class helicopter.

Main purpose – transportation and transfer of dry and liquid cargo, supplying ships with cargo in a different container, garbage collection, patrol, rescue operations, recovery from shoals and reefs of emergency vessels and towing, performing the functions of a fire-fighting vessel, etc., etc..

The tanker was named in honor of Vice Admiral Rudolf Vasilievich Paromov (1937 – 1999), former commander of the 8th operational squadron of the USSR Navy (Indian Ocean), and Head of the Auxiliary Fleet Directorate of the USSR / Russian Navy.

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