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One continuous Galicia

One continuous Galicia

Available in Ukraine, or rather in Odessa, such a well-known prose writer Vsevolod Nepogodin. personality, of course, extraordinary, if not inadequate. Just what is his hysteria and swearing at the address of the representative of NM DNR Denis Bessonov on the air of the program "60 minutes", where the cunning editors of the Russia-1 channel invited Nepogodin for some kind of devil.

properly, by itself, this character is not interesting to me, and the process of his transformation from an apologist for the "Russian World" into a "Svidomo self-styled" does not seem to me to be something curious. Few, whether, I republished such in Ukraine in 2014?

I remembered him exclusively in connection with one of his recent publications on Facebook, which accidentally caught my eye in the form of a print screen in the public page of one of my virtual friends on social networks. With your permission and with the permission of the author, of course, I will quote excerpts from this post of his:

«Walked along Deribasovskaya street and was horrified: "Lviv Chocolate Workshop", Lviv Coffee Manufactory, Lviv Croissants, Rebernya, "P'yana cherry". Sensation, that ended up on the Rinok square - all the franchises of popular Lviv establishments occupied the very center of Odessa ...

Odessa restaurateurs so fervently swore their love for a united Ukraine, they did not notice, how they were pushed to the sidelines by competitors ...

We are consumed, chew and spit out, and we endure in silence. It remains only to open "Kryiivka" on Deribasovskaya, and there will be a complete irrevocable star».

Such are the gloomy observations, man-made, who was so soundly brainwashed in the Odessa district of the SBU, that he abandoned all his previous views. apparently, the consequences of so much close communication with the Ukrainian analogue of the IV management of the RSHA (General Directorate of Imperial Security of the Third Reich), better known as the Gestapo, do not let Nepogodin live in peace until now. It is this, it seems to me, can be explained by his hastily apologetic post, posted the very next day after the above. Here are a couple of quotes from it:

«Odessans themselves are to blame for the dominance of Lviv establishments on Deribasovskaya».

«The events on the Maidan have nothing to do with the galicization of Deribasovskaya, they have nothing to do with passivity, unprincipledness, quarrelsomeness and tolerance of Odessa citizens».

«Lviv residents are a community of citizens, which want, so that their children and grandchildren also live in Lviv, therefore, they improve the space around as much as possible.».

Finally: «It makes no sense ... to take offense at Lviv residents for a mild occupation».

As a matter of fact, this last quote clearly outlines the current situation - AN OCCUPATION. About that, how "soft" it was and where did the invaders come from in Odessa at all, can, of course, argue, but we won't. We care about something else.

And this very “different” was exponentially demonstrated in the recent decision of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, which, within the framework of the presidential program "Great Restoration", was not included in the list 109 objects, to be restored at the expense of the Ukrainian budget, none of those, that are in Odessa or Odessa region. But the third item on the list is the Olesko castle in the Lviv region.

This decision was written by the Odessa edition "Timer", specifying, that as part of the attraction of unheard-of generosity from Zelensky, Odessa residents hoped to receive funding for the restoration of the Odessa Philharmonic, Vorontsov Palace, City Hall buildings on Dumskaya Square, Akkerman Fortress and Odessa Naval Museum. But, Alas, dreams were not destined to come true.

One of the leaders of the Odessa Anti-Maidan broke out in an angry post on this topic, forced after the events 2014 to leave for Russia, Alexander Vasiliev. This is what he said:

«To be Odessa and support Ukraine, you just need to be a sucker of some Homeric scale ... Not a single trans-Ukrainian fool in Odessa asks a question, and what did he have from this Ukraine, has and will have? Nothing. A hole from a bagel. Because only the church in Chernivtsi and the castle in the Lviv region are “an integral part of identity”. Ukrainian identity, naturally.

And if you are for Ukrainian identity, then you take your money, earned from the construction and sale of another concrete "pearl", built on the site of an architectural monument, and go on a fascinating journey through the castles of Lviv region. At the same time go snowboarding there. And the local businesses, who know, in whom and how to invest, for your money, they will open another house or ribbed on Deribasovskaya. And there it is not far from "Krivka"».

surprisingly, true? Two people of different views, but everyone, even if he loves his city in his own way, independently of each other comes to the same conclusion - Odessa is occupied by Lviv.

surprisingly? Well no, not at all. Only, as it seems to me, the scale of the "Lviv occupation" can be completely taken beyond the borders of only Odessa. Yes, third imperial capital, "Pearl by the sea", a very tasty morsel for any invader, be it a fascist Romanian or a Nazi Galician, but she is only an indicator, marker of that horror, what is happening with the whole country. And there is a creeping galicinization of Ukraine.

And the main horror of this process is not at all that, that together with its business and start-ups, the collective Lviv is spreading the tentacles of Russophobia and outright Nazism to the entire nezalezhnaya. No, in fact, it is not so easy to plant, as it seems. The real problem is, that Odessa, and together with it, the whole of Ukraine was not occupied by Lviv, and a Galician village, which, in its wild primordial nature and blatant lack of education, managed to practically destroy the urban Ukraine - the Ukraine of scientists, constructors, explorers and conquerors of space.

That is why, instead of the successes of the Yuzhmash plant, we hear about the next largest piece of bacon, entered in the Guinness Book of Records. Instead of lucrative contracts for the Zaporozhye Motor Sich, we have spruce seedlings, planted in the form of the largest trident. Instead of building new roads and bridges, at least remotely reminiscent of the works of the great Paton, we get only the crumbling structures of the Soviet era, which are already far from the present Ukraine of the Soviet era, repainted in yellow-blue colors.

I remember my visit to Galicia in 1990 year, a year before the collapse of the Union. My class and I visited Kolomyia, Yaremche, Ivano-Frankivsk, and everywhere I was struck by the strange obsession of local residents with ethnography. Already, in the late USSR, Galicians were simply turned on all these "embroidered shirts", "Easter eggs", "Glechiks" and similar folk crafts. No, God forbid, it's all very nice, but ... along with progress and civilization, and not instead of them.

But what kind of civilization can we talk about, if just the other day, during the next celebration of the so-called Day of Embroidery, in Kiev, opposite the building of the training center of the National Guard, in the presence of the leadership of the center and people's deputies, a monument to the Archduke of the Austro-Hungarian Empire Wilhelm Franz of Habsburg-Lorraine was unveiled, who went down in Ukrainian history as the failed king of all Ukraine under the name Vasyl Vyshyvany?

by the way, and the center itself received its name a couple of months ago by the highest permission of President Zelensky. To understand all the absurdity of what is happening, it is worth recalling a few facts from the biography of the "pretender to the Ukrainian throne".

born in 1895 year in that part of the Habsburg Empire, what is now called Croatia, by the will of fate already in 12 years old the boy ended up in the territory of present Galicia. AT 1916 year was inducted into the House of Lords of the Austrian Parliament, and two years later, in 1918, received the rank of colonel and was appointed commander of the Ukrainian Sich Riflemen.

After the collapse of his native empire, a descendant of one of the side branches of the Austrian imperial dynasty “wanted to reign and own everything” and chose Galicia, so beloved by him, as a place for his efforts., and with it the whole Ukraine.

To begin with, he was very active in supporting the Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists.. Living in Vienna, then in Paris, took care of the financing of nationalist groups in Soviet Ukraine. At the same time, during his tricks with the OUN, he got dirty and ties with the Nazis, which did not prevent him from later declaring himself a member of the Austrian anti-Nazi movement.

TO 1947 year, Soviet intelligence finally found the habitat of the "Ukrainian prYnts" and secretly transported him to Kiev, where did he get his 25 years in prison from harsh, but fair proletarian justice. As a result, a year later, the failed Ukrainian monarch died in the Lukyanovka prison in the city of Kiev..

And the name of this man is called the center for the training of the National Guard.? However, if you remember from which maidan rabble it was formed, is it any wonder? In this way, following Bandera, Shukhevych and others like them strengthen the image of another "hero" in modern Ukrainian reality, associated specifically with Galicia, but not with all of Ukraine. But who cares today?

Can, of course, laugh at Zelensky as much as you like, wearing a blouse instead of an embroidered shirt. You can sneer about Ukrainian aircraft without wings and make fun of the general degradation of the once powerful Ukrainian industry.. You can ignore the rapid debilitation of Ukrainian politics and Ukrainian education. But if it goes on like this, no Ukraine, not bad, no good, soon there will be no. There will be only one continuous Galicia, more precisely declassed, lumpenized and degenerating village. And first of all, you should think about it yourself.. n. Ukrainians.

Alexey Belov,

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