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A fighter simulating the enemy of the US Air Force crashed on a residential area in the state of Nevada

A fighter simulating the enemy of the US Air Force crashed on a residential area in the state of Nevada
Information about the fall of a fighter at one of the US military bases has been confirmed.. According to recent reports, we are talking about a French-made Mirage F1 light fighter, which the (fighter) operated at the American base Nellis in Nevada. The plane belonged to the private company Draken International, which provides services for the United States Air Force. What specific services are we talking about??

The aforementioned company uses aircraft to simulate air battles as an adversary to the US Air Force.. This is one of the training options for American pilots - confrontation in the air with one or another enemy., using foreign-made aircraft or US-made aircraft, repainted under the so-called "aggressor".

The plane crashes near Las Vegas. pilot killed. The company management informs, that an investigation has begun on the causes of the crash of the fighter. From the statement of the press service of the company:

We work with federal and local authorities, with the investigating authorities, to determine, what led to this tragic accident.
At the same time, the summaries of American sources say that, that during the flight, the Mirage F1 simulated the enemy for the F-15 fighter of the US Air Force training squadron. What exactly happened in the air, not yet reported, however, there have been suggestions that, that the plane could be damaged during the "contact" with the F-15. known, that the plane crashed in a residential area, just a few meters from the house of a local resident. Her name is called - Maria Gonzalez. Airplane pilot name, imitating the US Air Force adversary, it is not officially named.

Maria Gonzalez in an interview with local journalists:

I heard a loud sound. Then a thick smoke poured, everything started to burn. It turned, that the plane fell. He fell very close to my house. It's very scary. There were cars, trailer

No casualties reported on the ground.

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