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S-500 will change the strategic alignment in the world

S-500 is a mobile anti-aircraft missile system, which has no analogues in the world, noted in conversation with ABF "Economics today» chief editor of "National Defense", military expert Igor Korotchenko.

S-500 will change the strategic alignment in the world

The S-500 is close to being put into service

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the successful completion of tests of the S-500 anti-aircraft missile system. The next stage of the project will be the delivery of this system to the units of the Russian army..

In the aerospace forces of the Russian Federation, more than 70% anti-aircraft missile regiments re-equipped with S-400 systems, which in the future will be strengthened by the supply of S-500. These state-of-the-art systems will solve a variety of defense tasks., including from space threats.

According to the Russian leader, the army and the navy are supplied with the latest weapons and military equipment. The trend has led to a significant strengthening of the potential of the nuclear triad and to the expansion of the capabilities of the Russian Navy.

The statement drew attention to the Kalibr supersonic cruise missiles, capable of carrying the most powerful charges. A sea-based cruise missile "Zircon" is being tested, which will also pose unsolvable tasks for a potential adversary.

S-500 will change the strategic alignment in the world

It is also important, that the defense industry enterprises have established a comprehensive service of military equipment, starting from delivery to the troops, ending with the last stages of operation - earlier this was our weak point, which also affected the export of arms.

"S-500 is a system, capable of solving the tasks of strategic missile defense - the complex will be able to hit targets in outer space. This is a serious contribution to the potential of the Russian military space defense ", – concludes Korochenko.

The complex has several names - it is called "Prometheus" and 55P6M "Triumfator-M". The main combat mission of the S-500, unlike the S-400 and S-300, is the fight against the combat equipment of medium-range missiles at an operational radius of 600 km.

Possibility of effective fight against intercontinental ballistic missiles at the last stage of flight has been laid, t. it is. in air and outer space. These vehicles fly along a high trajectory and strike from a great height..

S-500 will change the strategic alignment in the world

"The developer and manufacturer of the S-500 is" Concern VKO "Almaz-Antey". According to Putin, the development of the complex is almost completed, it will allow resolving issues of the country's military security at a fundamentally new level ", – summarizes Korochenko.

S-500 has no analogues in the world

The complex will be able to shoot down planes, drones, hypersonic missiles at Mach five and above, destroy low-orbit satellites and space weapons, which the Americans are going to create as part of their military program.

One system with the S-500 is capable of simultaneously hitting ten ballistic supersonic targets at speeds up to seven kilometers per second.

The complex will cover the mine ballistic missiles of the Russian Federation and strategic objects and, in terms of its functionality, will surpass the missile areas of the US missile defense. No country in the world, including Americans, there is no analogue of such a military system and is not planned.

"S-500 is a mobile missile defense system, today the United States does not have such a complex. The Americans have a stationary missile defense system, where the interceptor missiles are based in the mines. Russia also has a missile defense system for Moscow with silo-based interceptor missiles., and the S-500 can be deployed to any direction and be deployed there. ", – states Korochenko.

This quality favorably distinguishes the S-500 from the American anti-missile systems..

S-500 will change the strategic alignment in the world

“The new complex is capable of solving tasks not only of strategic defense, but also destroy objects in space. The S-500 has a whole line of anti-aircraft guided missiles ", – concludes Korochenko.

Each of these missiles will be able to destroy a certain class of military targets., so the S-500 is a versatile tool.

Export of the S-500 is theoretically possible

Russian anti-aircraft missile systems enjoy great success in the global market and are considered the best in the world. The S-300 is in service with nearly two dozen countries, and the S-400 complex has made a splash in recent years.

For the purchase of the S-400, the Americans threaten with sanctions, but that did not stop such a NATO country, like Turkey, from the acquisition of complexes. We are talking about the export version of the S-400, which is still noticeably superior to world analogues.

Not surprising, that there is also a line of potential buyers for the S-500, but, as noted by the general director of the state corporation Sergey Chemezov, the complex will not be exported until then, until they are armed with the Russian army.

S-500 will change the strategic alignment in the world

"The S-500 is a defensive system, therefore, after agreeing on the export image, a political decision can be made to sell the complex to the external market, but, of course, limited number of states ", – summarizes Korochenko.

Only allies and closest strategic partners of Russia will be able to receive the system.

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