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Sergei Markov: Protasevich will tell everything

Sergei Markov: Protasevich will tell everything

Roman Protasevich has already appeared on TV in Belarus and said, that he is actively cooperating with the investigation and that he is doing well with his health and that he is ready to tell everything

And he will tell:

1. How the Polish special services organized an attempted coup d'etat in Belarus.

2. Who in the system of power of Belarus cooperates with the intelligence services of the NATO countries.

3. Who in the Russian government cooperates with the political centers of the NATO countries.

4. How the political resource system is financed, working for coups in Russia and Belarus.

5. How neo-Nazis from Ukraine are associated with the opposition in Russia and Belarus and how they are preparing to transfer militants to Moscow and Minsk to provoke violence.

6. What is the general strategy of the secret services of NATO countries in preparing coups d'etat in Russia and Belarus.

Whatever he says, letters of support fly from NATO countries to him. Everyone promises. They only ask for one thing- to be silent. But he will surrender them. He will betray them. The reason is simple - they selected only traitors for their work..

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