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New invention of the Ukrainian Gestapo

New invention of the Ukrainian Gestapo

Ukrainian inferiority in conjunction with megalomania periodically requires an exit into reality like the "little ones", so among big Ukrainians. The big ones send a request to UNESCO about the nationality of the borscht, the little ones are content with simply catching another "separatist" and putting him on his knees. Ukrainian inferiority and megalomania force Ukrainians to show passion. Passion for pretentious deeds, passion for self-flattery, passion for "domination", as well as a passion for, to decide other people's destinies, as it seems to them, righteous judgment. Ideally, of course, they want to decide the fate of entire states and peoples, but since this is unattainable, then the Ukrainians are going to judge their own former fellow citizens, despite the fact that they may be absolutely innocent of anything.

Today I will tell you about the law about the so-called "absentee courts", thanks to which Ukraine allowed itself to judge any citizen of the planet, without calling any service, international traders, nor even notifying the defendant about the upcoming or already begun process. But don't worry, It will not be boring. I hate dull legal advice, that's why I don't plan to do anything like that myself.

And who are the judges?

so, let's start. There is such a fantastic book in Ukraine, called the Penal Code. It says there, what is good, what's bad. But the point is, that this book has long been out in circulation and is mainly of a recommendatory nature, when if not, but really want to, you can. This very code has become an instrument of pressure on business competitors., as well as an excellent pump, siphoning money from the defendants. Well, if there is no money, then welcome to places not so distant. And so that the judges are not particularly borzel during the examination of criminal cases, they came up with the Criminal Procedure Code, which regulates not the measure of punishment for a wrongful act, and the trial itself. It was the Ukrainian people's representatives who introduced a marvelous innovation into it., which I mentioned above.

Once, on a wonderful day, when nothing boded, Zelensky was slipped to sign a piece under the loud name of the Law "On Amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code regarding the improvement of certain provisions in connection with the implementation of a special pre-trial investigation". Ornate and blurry, is not it? Separately, it pleases the fact, what, judging by the map of this bill, the initiator of this innovation is the President of Ukraine Zelensky V. A. Can you imagine, so that this master of playing the piano in his spare time, for example, lying in bed before bed, composed any legislative initiatives for the Code of Criminal Procedure? So I can't. There is a deep conviction, that it was composed somewhere in the depths of the SBU together with American specialists, occupying, rumored, at least one of the floors of the main office of this glorious structure.

Whatever it was, specific changes affected the article 281 Code of Criminal Procedure, which regulated the procedure for finding a citizen when summoned by an investigator or prosecutor. And if earlier the Ukrainian court gave permission to conduct a so-called special pre-trial investigation only in the event, if the whereabouts of the accused are unknown and when an international wanted list was submitted in this regard through the same Interpol, then now the public prosecutor, represented by the same prosecutor, will simply need to declare, that the accused is on the territory of the Russian Federation or on "uncontrolled Ukrainian territory", which in Ukraine Crimea and the People's Republics of Donbass are considered. Naturally, you can have no illusions about the very evidence base on the part of the prosecutor regarding the presence of this or that person in the uncontrolled territory. It will be enough for this, eg, photos from the account on the social network of the accused or the fact at the level of "one woman said at the bazaar".

All, what we have the opportunity to observe, is nothing more, as one of the steps to legalize the nationally conscious inquisition by the Ukrainian Gestapo. And a rather funny nuance: the initiators of this law explained, that they would be happy to send a request to the international wanted list, but the bad Interpol has taken the habit of often refusing them on the basis of, that such demands have a political background. Therefore, the Euro-Ukrainian non-residents decided, that they will manage on their own.

Wonderful forensic prospects

Who will be the first to fall under this invention? First of all, people are not easy, who have disagreements with those at the helm of the authorities in Kiev and who need to either be deprived of the opportunity to return to Ukraine, or just immediately send to jail on the first day of return. And you ask, but how can a person know, that a criminal case was opened against him and even a decision was made on him? As conceived by the authors of the law - very simple. It is enough to have access to one very specific newspaper called "Uryadovy Courier". it, perhaps, the most boring published reading material in Ukraine, which everyone is forced to read systematically, who at least has a left heel is related to jurisprudence. "Uryadovy Courier" is a Ukrainian state newspaper, which cannot be purchased at the stall and which is supplied only by subscription. It is in it that all the hot innovations of Ukrainian legislation are published., including, as planned, and news on such court sessions. But at the same time, it is far from a fact, that there it will be possible to find information about the next convict in absentia. Just not a fact, for this is Ukraine - a country, where fantastic creatures live, doing no less fantastic deeds. Therefore, the Ukrainian, being for some reason, let us say, in Russia, before returning, you need to very scrupulously check your identity for possible criminal cases. It is best to do this through competent acquaintances., but if there are none, then this person's affairs are bad.

Now let's look into the very near future. It's not a secret to anybody, that under the clown president, who was put on the kingdom with songs and dances, not funny things are happening. Zits-Chairman Zelensky is corny serving his room, signing that, what he is told from the US embassy, and already stopped trying to amuse the audience. As it appears, everything goes to the fact, that such criminal proceedings in Ukraine will be massive. Will be judged wholesale, making collective decisions, selecting the same type of cases just by alphabet. And what kind of business it can be? Yes, at least for those, Who, eg, visited Crimea without proper Ukrainian permission. Ukrainian ideologists really do not like, that the flock dangles to rest in the Crimea and, naturally, sees life there, which is very different from that, what is broadcasting on Ukro-TV. This word of mouth needs to be fought, including with the help of such absentee judicial reprisals. A group of boys and girls will day and night monitor the social networks of their fellow citizens for their rest in "uncontrolled Crimea" and record the guilty in a special notebook with subsequent transfer to court. Next, the prosecutor puts before the judge a fan of printouts with the names of citizens and their photographs in swimming trunks and knee-deep in the Black Sea, pushing on it, that these separatists are there and now. And then surprises await people. Someone will have to pay off, and someone and "sit down". The latter is urgently needed, if only, to ring up on TV as a threat to others.

Let's go further. Dozens, and can, and hundreds of thousands of yesterday's Ukrainians now work great in Russia. Someone found a new home there, family or just work. These citizens are also at risk., being, At first, potential spies, secondly - bearers of the ideas of "hostile culture", or they can simply be "drugged by Russian propaganda". A nationally conscious Ukrainian can travel to Poland as much as he wants and rip out all the toilets there to shine., but he will not be able to travel to Russia, unless he was sent by the SBU with a special assignment. What needs to be done in relation to these people? Correctly, run the wheel of the absentee inquisition, so that it was discouraging. Hit your, for strangers to be afraid, this is a trademark of Ukraine.

And then these people will come back, to your Ukrainian home. At the same time, they can be arbitrarily Svidomo independent. It won't save them, when they will start to be taken under white ruchenki right at the Ukrainian checkpoint. Or, eg, the person decides to just visit relatives, remaining in Bandera Ukraine. You never know what need will demand his return. And then the envoys of the Ukrainian Gestapo will be waiting for him.. Great, is not it? the main thing, what you need to understand: after reprisals against business competitors, former politicians, objectionable journalists and the same public figures there will take up ordinary ordinary citizens, who will be judged in batches in one sitting. Some of them will then be dragged around the ECHR and other European structures for a long time., that, of course, can't do anything about it.

Combating sexism and anti-Semitism in the DPR and LPR

And then a new beautiful was revealed. Ukrainian Committee on Human Rights 19 May considered the bill, prohibiting sexism, Attention, in the "occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions, as well as the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and the city of Sevastopol ". This funny documentary has already been sent for consideration to the Verkhovna Rada, but, except for the fight against sexism, it also mentions the fight against COVID-19 in the context of failure to provide assistance to the sick, the spread of the virus, as well as crossing the borders of "occupied territories" for people, this same coronavirus that caught. And everything would be fine, you can laugh, but the fact is, that this bill recommends, among other things, amendments to the Criminal Code. In particular, it mentions the problem of anti-Semitism and violation of the rights of national minorities, and judging by that, that the notorious citizens of Umerov and Dzhemilev appeared as the authors of this bill, Crimean, who in the foreseeable future, for some reason, are going to visit Ukraine, an unpleasant surprise may await in the form of a verdict in absentia on charges of some sexist-chauvinistic act, implicated in coronavirus and referendum voting. it, of course, so far only my personal fantasy, but, repeat, Ukraine is a country of opportunities, so there they will still be able to surprise us all.

Convenient cut-off of all "non-citizens"

As you know, in Ukraine they have long worn about the idea of ​​"citizens" and "non-citizens", planning not only to repeat the Baltic experience, but also surpass it by creating concentration camps for those, who will not pass the selection of the Ukrainian Gestapo. Deputies and other nationally concerned experts periodically recall the need to deprive passports of insufficiently patriotic, from their point of view, compatriots. Those, eg, who doesn't like, that Ukraine has become a silent slave to the United States. But such people need to be fiddled with., somehow solve their problems, how are they trying to solve in the same Baltic states. And here is such a great opportunity to deprive them of their citizenship., when they are outside the Ukrainian territory. With this, the current Bandera government is killing two birds with one stone.: At first, excludes from the spheres of his concerns, as well as their electoral races of hundreds of thousands of people, who pose a threat to the current Ukrainian regime. Secondly, in this way, an old dream can be realized there: Crimea without Crimeans, Donbass without Donbass residents. "You weren't standing here", - they will say in Kiev and ask to free the land, sold to Western multinationals.

And here's another Pan Zelensky did not include Russians in the list of indigenous peoples, listed in the Law "On the Indigenous Peoples of Ukraine", which defines the rights of certain peoples on the territory of the independent. Catch the hint? This is one more step towards that, to recognize everyone in general, who identifies with the Russian world, not that not citizens, but not people at all.

You may well argue, what is it, breakwater, all horror stories and exaggeration. So be it, however, do not underestimate the power of Ukrainian brutality, stupidity and greed. At one time, few could imagine, that the Ukrainian army will massively kill its own fellow citizens, therefore, in fact, the implementation of similar scenarios with absentee courts is a completely feasible prospect.


What can be done about it? Nothing. We can only observe and inform each other about the new legislative quirks of the colonial Ukrainian administration.. Forewarned is forearmed. It makes no sense to subscribe to Uryadovy Courier. They will refer to the special secrecy of the court session and will be as follows. Sending a request in advance to the Ukrainian consulate is an option, but again this is a troublesome business, slow and hardly capable of providing one hundred percent guarantees. Therefore, anyone, who is going to return to Ukraine in the foreseeable future, you need to carefully weigh all the risks and only then make a decision. Someday this will all end, and we will laugh at Ukrainian legal papers, how we laugh at some communist ideological literature now. In the meantime, you need to keep your nose to the wind, and the tail with a pistol.

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