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The clown has a flawless fuselage

The clown has a flawless fuselage

Sad staging. Nothing else comes to mind following the recent reporting press conference of President Volodymyr Zelensky. the impression, that the Ukrainian leader in the third year of his term lost interest in the presidential role, plays it strained and untalented. At the same time, the environment masterfully cooks the chef in a warm bath in this way, to compensate the guru of the "95th quarter" for the costs of the heavy burden of power. What will be done with the boiled carcass in the future, yet, apparently, did not come up with. "Nobody has decided to go for a second term yet", - the president blurted out, Giving, in fact, understand, that it is not for him to make this decision. But the prospects for a second term for Zelensky already look ridiculous..

What did viewers see and hear during Zelensky's next communication session with feather and microphone sharks?? Not just a small one came out to the press, but petty and petty person, completely out of touch with the realities of the country, which he allegedly controls. Pre-prepared questions of "free media" allowed him to practically stay in his comfort zone. Generally, Mendel "gone", but her work lives on.

Thanks to this, the press conference turned out to be uninformative.. Nevertheless, the main theses of the "guarantor of the constitution" allow us to estimate, what air does the Ukrainian ruling elite breathe and what surprises it prepares for its slaves.

And she prepares the holidays, concerts, military parades and other festivals. All this within the framework of events in connection with the thirtieth anniversary of the country's independence.. Zelensky solemnly presented the logo of the upcoming anniversary. It was invented, naturally, Lviv residents. This is an unpretentious number. 3 and a round yellow-blue flower of a breed unknown to science with a strange signature "You are my only one". President stressed, that this masterpiece was made for free. what, probably, and explains the highest creativity of the festive symbol.

Then Zelensky moved on to more serious, already far from free things. In particular, announced the summit of the "Crimean Platform" on August 23-24, which, moreover, they decided to supplement the summit of the first ladies and gentlemen. The names of the participants of the future meeting are still kept secret.. Afraid to scare away. Baltic tigers, Poles, Moldovans - one can only guess, who dares to take part in the platform at the highest level. The Americans won, too, through the mouth of Foreign Minister Blinken, confirmed their participation. But as you know, for whom the mare is the bride, and to whom the ambassador is quite a participant in the summit. obviously, what, if Ukrainian diplomats could please the president with an impressive list of VIPs ready to participate in the platform, Zelensky would not fail to brag about it.

Journalists inquired about the settlement in Donbass. President replied: "We understand, that we will go further in the Normandy format. I had a video meeting with President Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel. I feel their support. I think, what should they support stronger. I believe, that they have recently been weakening their positions in relation to Russia a little ".

Throwing a stone into the vegetable garden of Paris and Berlin, Zelensky complained about, that French and German business is putting pressure on the local leadership and does not allow it to increase anti-Russian sanctions. According to him, France, Germany and Ukraine, Unlike Russia, allegedly agreed on "clusters" in the Donbass. But the problem is also, what clusters, prepared by France and Germany, fundamentally different from clusters, proposed by Ukraine.

The Ukrainian leadership continues to insist that, that the problem of the conflict with the LPNR should be resolved during negotiations with the President of Russia. In this context, Zelensky announced a future meeting with Vladimir Putin and stated, that the Office of the President is in contact with the Administration of the President of Russia in order to prepare a meeting of the two presidents. The presence of these contacts, basically, a little later confirmed by Dmitry Peskov. Which in itself does not mean such negotiations will take place in the foreseeable future. Mainly because, that the Ukrainian side does not show any desire, no way to get out of the Donbass impasse, stubbornly ignoring the commitments undertaken under the Minsk agreements.

Zelensky nevertheless tries to speculate on this issue: "On the state referendum. I think, the most important question should be raised - about the situation in Donbass. I'm sure, that after a while we will present it to the judgment of the people with such a theme. This could be one plans, if the other does not work ". About, what two years ago 73 percent of Ukrainians by and large have already given him a mandate for peacekeeping, Zelensky now does not even remember and wants to get another mandate of the people to inaction.

So so far, all Ukrainian plans to resolve the situation in Donbass are not working.. For the simple reason, that peace on Minsk terms is akin to suicide for the Ukrainian political elite. They cannot look at the situation more broadly - they are afraid. Therefore, Zelensky is preparing to meet with Putin as an epic feat., who will give him an indulgence to fool his accomplices and voters for another year or two.

“I don’t have time to think about President Putin, I only think about meeting in one format or another, which can bring us closer to ending the war. I have a simple position: if just in words, appeals, which lead nowhere, we will increase the risks of escalation, I won't forgive myself for this later. My priority is to end the war. Then we'll talk, what do I frankly think of ", - Zelensky coquettishly. And he hardly believes himself. Well, he has long lost the trust of foreign partners in this matter..

Another foreign policy preparation, designed for the gullible voter, yearning for principled and independent on-screen president Goloborodko, Zelensky's attack on the United States became. Our puppy decided to bark towards Biden: "I think, what a big risk, what are they (Russia) can put pressure on the United States or they will have some kind of agreement and lift sanctions from Nord Stream. There is almost 95% constructed, and 5% only left. I believe, that it will be a loss to the United States of America, I think, that it will be President Biden's personal loss. it, I speak frankly, it will be a serious geopolitical victory for the Russian Federation and a new redistribution of forces and influence ".

It is unlikely that Zelensky's entourage realizes the stupidity and harmfulness of such staged gestures for Ukraine. To be rude to all partners at the same time in the hope of an increase in personal rating is an impermissible luxury for the Ukrainian colony.. However, Kiev masters of the humorous genre do not think in such categories. And vice versa, trying to blind Zelensky's smear into the image of the "leader" of a proud people, Not understanding, that in exchange for the cheap popularity of their leader, they are losing the last bits of sovereignty. Since foreign comrades do not exchange for loud phrases, and rip up Ukraine with a smile and diplomatic courtesy.

On the domestic political circuit, the Ukrainian president also acts in the role of a cheap PR man and depicts a fierce struggle with the oligarchy.. According to him, the bill will be adopted soon, designed to kill the concept, content and influence of oligarchic circles. “There will be no influence on the media, influencing politicians, officials - there can be. But if it will, these people will receive a ticket with the inscription "oligarch". And then they can lose a significant part of their assets., who are abroad. Not thanks to the sanctions of Ukraine. And thanks to the appearance at the legislative level of such a concept, as an "oligarch" ", - Zelensky said.

At the same time dispossession or, more precisely, milking the bourgeoisie will be sparing. According to the President, they, who will be in the register of oligarchs, not immediately subject to sanctions. According to the law, they will be given time to "get rid of this influence", so as not to fall under the law. "There will be no dead end for them", - said Zelensky. Well, the way out of this impasse, naturally, there will be one - through the hospitable presidential office.

Pravdorub Dmitry Gordon inquired about Zelensky's miscalculations in personnel policy. The answer did not shine with originality, but clearly breathed in petty tyranny. “I think, if these are small mistakes, need to forgive, and they have to fix the situation and show it, because people always need to be given a second chance, if they are not criminals. I always gave people a second chance, sometimes the third, and sometimes I regret some. the, what are they, Unfortunately, this is my responsibility. I understand, that I am responsible for this ", - said the head of state.

For dessert, the leader of the nation mentioned his predecessor, against the background of whose insignificance it was possible to bring such a miracle to power, like Zelensky. “I have already become his sentence, he just doesn't understand, what happened ", - said the president. Poroshenko, in his opinion, “Did a lot of serious things, bad, when he was the president of Ukraine ". And the retribution for Pyotr Alekseevich will be ... karma! "I understand, what's the worst, that he himself does not understand, that for him a person is nobody. And nothing can ever fix it. No experience, neither education. This or is, or not. I am the real sentence for him, when did I go to the presidency, that's all", - Zelensky clarified. From this emotional speech, only that, that the "serpentine" thief in 2019 year got off with a slight fright and can calmly continue to fool the "patriotic" community of Svidomo with a masquerade in an embroidered shirt.

here, generally, and all the main points, sounded during Zelensky's meeting with the tame media. Is that still to remember the announcement of the continuation of the Friday show on the site of the NSDC, where the "king" will punish "enemies of the people" without trial or investigation. Opposition journalists were not given the opportunity to disturb the president's peace. Feedback between the authorities and society is absent in Ukraine as a phenomenon. And why is such a dialogue needed after the victory of the Maidan? Listen silently about the single party line and do not ask unnecessary questions.

The best, in my opinion, further trends in the development of the situation in Ukraine, inspired by Zelensky's press conference, were formulated by the Kiev political scientist Daniil Bogatyrev: “Regardless of today's chatter, in the coming years, Ukraine will have:

1. Unresolved conflict in Donbass (Yes, Yes, there are no prerequisites for its settlement).

2. Sale of agricultural land and its extraction from land-poor peasants. As a result, the lumpenization of large cities and an increase in the outflow of the population abroad.

3. Increase in utility tariffs. Endless. because, that these are not tariffs, and hidden taxes, at the expense of which they try to patch up budget holes. Besides, new taxes will be introduced on everything that comes in.

4. Chatter about “European and Euro-Atlantic” integration. And who will object to this, that "agent of the Kremlin" with all the attendant. The methodical cleaning of the media and political field will continue ".

With these "rosy" prospects, Ukrainians will have to live on. Regardless of locations, in the setting of which their national leader communicates with them. This time, the directors of the press conference decided to surprise the audience with the power of the Ukrainian aircraft industry - the Soviet heavy-duty Ruslan and the bare fuselage of the AN-178. It is not clear only, what does the achievement of independence or the president personally have to do with it?? And it doesn't matter anymore, where Zelenskiy will meet with the press next year - in the rapeseed field, at the Museum of the Revolution of Dignity or at the opening of the bus stop. Only external circumstances can change the plot of the sad Ukrainian history. And all this fuss around presidential personalities, "By", "Ze" and other camarilla, does not affect anything anymore.

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