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"Simplicity and proven Russian engine": First JF-17 fighters delivered to Nigeria

«Simplicity and proven Russian engine»: First JF-17 fighters delivered to Nigeria
The Nigerian Air Force officially accepted the first three JF-17B fighters on Friday. Delivery took place as part of the contract 2016 of the year, providing for the transfer of three machines (the value of the transaction is not known). Wherein, as funds become available, it is planned to expand the fleet of Pakistani aircraft, forming a squadron of them. The next delivery is expected in the coming months.

We are happy and excited about the transfer of JF-17 fighters from Pakistan
– said the Minister of Defense of Nigeria Bashir Magashi.

According to British columnist Justin Bronk, Boko Haram terrorists are currently the main threat to Nigeria. JF-17, having a wide range of weapons, able to effectively deal with them, including in round-the-clock mode thanks to equipping with an electro-optical module.

One of the key attributes of the JF-17 for Nigeria is ease of maintenance […] Combining a lightweight glider with modern technology, proven (although quite old) Russian engine based on RD-33 [we are talking about RD-93] and digital electronics should allow the country to increase combat readiness over the previous fleet of fighters
– thinks Bronk.

Earlier, within the framework of military-technical cooperation with Nigeria, Islamabad equipped Karakorum K-8 combat training aircraft for firing unguided missiles and provided technical assistance in maintaining the fleet of F-7NI Fishcan fighters..

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