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"I liked the Egyptians": foreign press on the order of the Russian ATGM "Vikhr-1"

«I liked the Egyptians»: foreign press about ordering Russian ATGM «Whirlwind-1»
The Russian company OJSC "Concern Kalashnikov" reported on the early completion of the supply of guided missiles "Vikhr-1" for the needs of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. As indicated, the transfer of ATGM to the troops is carried out on the basis of an extended contract, which was imprisoned in 2014 year. Since that time, it has been possible not only to deploy large-scale production of missiles, but also replace imported components with domestic.

ATGM with laser guidance "Whirlwind" was developed by the Tula KBP in the mid-80s of the last century.

Created in 1985 year, she never went into mass production. In the 2000s, the ATGM was modernized and received the designation "Whirlwind-1", retaining the NATO codename AT-16 Scallion
– writes the Italian edition Analisi Difesa.

The Russian manufacturer managed to solve a number of technical problems during the serial production deployment., identified during state tests. The first batch of 9А4172 missiles, designed to destroy armored vehicles, fortifications and low-speed air targets at a distance of up to 8 km, was put in 2015 year.

The rocket "Whirlwind-1" was to the liking of the Egyptians […] Its main carrier is the Ka-52 attack and reconnaissance helicopter.. Not surprising, what, according to numerous industry sources, Cairo became the first foreign customer of the rocket, intended for armament 46 Egyptian Ka-52 helicopters
– noted in the specified foreign press.

Earlier, the exact number of such helicopters in the Egyptian armed forces was not reported.. How can you believe the data of the Italian media about the number of Ka-52 in Egypt?, open to question.

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