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"There is no help from Kabul": Taliban continue systematic takeover of Afghan provinces

«No help from Kabul»: Taliban continue systematic takeover of Afghan provinces
While the United States and the countries of the Western coalition are withdrawing their military contingent from the territory of Afghanistan, Taliban (Taliban movement * banned in Russia), continue to systematically capture the provinces, squeezing government troops closer to Kabul.

According to the latest data, published by Ariana News citing authorities, Taliban capture the second province in less than two weeks. The day before, the Davlat-Shah region in the Laghman province was captured, after him, the militants stormed the Jalrez area of ​​the Wardak province, captured the governor's residence and police headquarters.

The Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan confirms both facts, but explain, that in the case of Laghman province, the retreat was a tactical move, and during the attack the Taliban suffered heavy losses. But with the province of Wardak, everything is different, fierce fighting took place here, lasting three days. Airstrikes are currently being carried out on Taliban positions, reported on 10 dead militants.

In turn, the provincial authorities report seven dead Afghan security forces, several missing and forty surrendered to the Taliban. In addition to territory and prisoners, the Taliban got military equipment, weapons and ammunition. At the same time, the provincial authorities accuse the central government of refusing to conduct hostilities against the Taliban.. According to the deputy of the provincial council Mahdi Rasikh, no help from Kabul.

Taliban Movement Confirms Province Seizure, located just 62 km southwest of Kabul.

Earlier, military experts predicted with a high degree of confidence the complete transfer of power in Afghanistan into the hands of the Taliban after the Americans left the country.. According to forecasts, after the departure of the western coalition, Afghanistan will face a big war, during which the government army, despite the funds invested in it and the equipment supplied, lose to Taliban.

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