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Not a moped, our bike: cities will fill electric scooters without status and responsibility

The problem of road accidents involving electric scooters exists, but she's a little bloated, noted in conversation with ABF "Economics today» head of the public movement "Small Electric Transport of Russia" Alexander Osipov.

Not a moped, our bike: cities will fill electric scooters without status and responsibility

Moscow City Duma 21 May decided to introduce "slow zones" for rented electric scooters, in which the speed will automatically decrease to 15 km / h. Earlier, the State Duma of the Russian Federation called on to legally equate the speed of a scooter with a pedestrian, especially in places with heavy traffic.

Electric scooter rolled faster than laws

In St. Petersburg, the speed of electric scooters has already been limited to 15 kmh, Besides, they were forbidden to park on the path of pedestrians near the metro and transport stops. So far these are the only limitations, which have been applied to the popular means of individual mobility.

Not a moped, our bike: cities will fill electric scooters without status and responsibility

In the summer season 2021 of the year there will be even more electric scooters on the streets of large cities: retailers celebrate, that the number of orders for regular scooters in the first half of April increased by 119%, and the demand for electric power increased by 360% compared to the same period last year.

With the growing demand in recent years, unpleasant episodes with the participation of electric scooters appear in the information field.. However, you must not forget about statistics..

«В прошлом году было зафиксировано 331 происшествие с участием самокатов, — комментирует Александр Осипов. — Для сравнения, в тот же период ДТП с велосипедами произошло 5,5 thousands, as a result of which more than 400 велосипедистов. There were only four deaths on the electric scooter. The problem exists, but she's a little bloated ".

Usual, a non-mechanized scooter has always been equated with a pedestrian and assumed movement on sidewalks and footpaths, in extreme cases - on the sides of the road towards traffic.

As soon as the scooter has a motor, its specifications have changed, and the requirements of traffic rules - no.

There are amendments, but there is no movement

“As for the legislative consolidation of the legal status of scooters, then it is imperative to adopt amendments to the traffic rules, which were developed by the Ministry of Transport more than a year and a half ago, - explains Osipov.

They contain a complete list of changes in traffic rules, with regard to means of individual mobility, including speed limit on the sidewalk up to 20 km / h, a ban on driving while intoxicated, and so on. Unfortunately, these amendments are still in the government without a signature ".

Not a moped, our bike: cities will fill electric scooters without status and responsibility

Why this happens is not clear, According to the expert, because the prepared changes are a weighted average of all interested road users: motorists, велосипедистов, electric scooters and pedestrians.

The State Duma and the Ministry of Transport have repeatedly gathered round tables, discussion on which formed the basis of the amendments. If they were accepted, many problems could have already been solved.

Many countries have long established the rules for the use of electric scooters at the legislative level and have even repeatedly adopted changes., because progress does not stand still and the technical characteristics of scooters change.

"In Russia, the adoption of amendments is slowed down, because some participants would like to equate scooters with mopeds and bicycles. If this happens, then the electric scooter will not be able to move on the sidewalks. A moped is a vehicle, having a wheel motor with a power of more 250 watt, any modern electric scooter is suitable for these parameters.

Consequently, scooter drivers under the age of 18 years will have to drive onto the roadway on a par with other road users. In the worst case, this is the path to the cemetery. ", - summed up Osipov.

How things are with scooters in other countries

The accumulated experience of other countries suggests, that the most progressive amendments do not include bans or strong restrictions.

Not a moped, our bike: cities will fill electric scooters without status and responsibility

France, which is currently selling 30% of all electric scooters in the world, limits the speed of movement on the sidewalk 25 km / h. The Ministry of Transport of Russia proposed even less liberal 20 km / h.

“As for protective equipment and helmets, just read the opinion of the UK commission, which concluded that, that most deaths, associated with head injuries in cyclists, occurred, when they were wearing a helmet ", - noted Osipov.

For example, scooters with high-power motor wheels are prohibited in Israel, due to the fact, that Israeli customs is able to control the technical characteristics of scooters imported into the country. In Russia there is no regulation on the power and legal status of electric scooters.

AT 2019 year the largest sharing company "Delisamokat" at a round table in the State Duma admitted, that I am forced to import electric scooters into the country under the guise of electric kettles, because the classification of customs codes did not provide for the concept of "electric scooter": only motorcycles, mopeds and bicycles, which scooters are not yet, he concluded.

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