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Captain Piletsky, or Legend without truth

Captain Piletsky, or Legend without truth

Human, who wrote an epic about himself

Polish-Israeli relations are going through hard times. Tel Aviv seeks to get from Warsaw recognition of the facts of complicity of the Polish armed formations in the extermination of Jews during the Nazi occupation, Warsaw does not want to admit these facts. AT 2018 g. Poland even passed a law criminalizing claims of the country's responsibility for the extermination of the Jewish population..

Ministers and prime ministers of both countries accuse each other of racism and hatred, and in February 2021 g. came to trial against the chairman of the International Council “Auschwitz” in Poland by Barbara Engelking (Barbara Engelking) and a staff member of the University of Ottawa (Canada) Jan Gabrowski (Jan Gabrowski). Their fault was, what's in your book “Night without end” (NightWithout End) they wrote about the assistance of Catholic Poles to the Nazis in the extermination of Jews.

Warsaw is pushing for that, what 7 thousand. of Poles recognized by Israel as "Righteous Among the Nations" - more, than representatives of other nations. It really is, since pre-war Poland was the most “Jewish” state of Europe, and the cases of the rescue of Jews by Poles actually took place. However, there is a flip side of the coin - the Poles also provided the most active assistance to the Nazis in raids and executions of Jews in Europe.. Of 6 million. Polish citizens who died during the years of occupation 50% were Polish Jews.

AT 1938 g. Polish Ambassador to Germany Jozef Lipski promised Hitler a monument in Warsaw, if he helps Warsaw to evict Jews to Africa. AT 1939 and 1941 gg. in already occupied Poland, massive anti-Jewish pogroms took place in Shchuchin and Jedwabna, at 1945 g. in Krakow, at 1946 g. in Kielce. Hundreds of Jews died, incl. children and women. There were two pogroms in Shchuchin, both with the approval of the local Catholic clergy.

Jews were also killed by the Home Army (WHITE). In August 1944 g. in the Sekezhinsky forest AK killed 60 Jewish, escaped from the German camp in Skarzhisk Kamennaya. In April 1946 g. Jozef Kurash's gang killed seven Jewish children, stolen from a sanatorium near the village of Waxmund in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship.

AK militants in today's Poland are endowed with the status of heroes and liberators of the country from German occupation. Books are dedicated to Kurash, on the wall of the church of St.. Stanislav Kostka installed a memorial plaque in his honor. AT 2009 g. President Lech Kaczynski awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of the Renaissance of Poland “for outstanding services in the struggle for the independence of Poland” Leon Tarashkevich, organized in February 1946 g. raid on Jews in g. Parczew of the Lublin Voivodeship.

And now a new scandal. Journalist of the Jewish Telegraph Agency Katarzyna Markush (Katarzyna Markusz) announced cooperation with the Nazis members of the Polish underground in the Auschwitz concentration camp under the leadership of Captain Witold Pilecki. To understand the seriousness of the charge, Need to know, who is Pilecki in modern Poland.

His official biography is as follows: participant in battles with the Red Army in 1919 year in Lithuania, Soviet-Polish war 1920 g. and wars with the Nazis 1939 of the year. AT 1940 g. voluntarily falls into the hands of the Germans, to be in Auschwitz to organize an anti-fascist underground there. From Auschwitz, Pilecki's group supplied the émigré government in London with information on the state of affairs in the camp for three years.. Across 2,5 Pilecki flees the camp, is at war, captured again, runs again and fights again. AT 1945 g. established contacts with officers of the Ministry of Defense of the Polish People's Republic (Poland) and regularly passed classified information to Western special services.

By the number of books dedicated to him, movies, exhibitions, monuments, musical works, theatrical performances Pilecki ranks first among the members of the anti-communist underground in post-war Poland. The Pilecki Institute was established to study the history of "totalitarian regimes" in Europe in the twentieth century. (means Hitlerite Germany and the Soviet Union). Pilecki's cult Warsaw tries to export to Russia, calling him a hero of Karelia and Europe (the captain was born in Olonets), there are many articles about him in Russian.

In real life, Pilecki was a different person. At first, he did not come to Auschwitz voluntarily, and by order of the commanders, and a proud title “voluntary prisoner of a fascist concentration camp” does not fit him. AK emerged from the merger of many Polish underground organizations, some of them were at enmity with each other. Before joining the AK, Piletsky was a fighter of the Union of Armed Struggle, and the commanders of the AK in Warsaw wanted to get rid of him. He was not asked about his consent to go to a concentration camp..

Secondly, at Auschwitz, Piletsky refused to help Jewish prisoners and hobnobbed with collaborating doctor Vladislav Dering (Dering). These facts are mentioned in the book of the historian Michal Vujczyk (Michał Wójcik) “Forgotten death camp uprisings: Treblinka, Soʙiʙor, Auschwitz-Birkenau” (Forgotten uprisings in extermination camps: Treblinka, Sobibór, Auschwitz-Birkenau).

On orders from SS officers, Dering castrated 80 prisoners, some of them died. AT 1991 g. British edition Observer named Doering Hitler's war criminal. Piletsky knew about Dering's crimes, but did not bother him. Rescuing Jews at Auschwitz was not part of his plans, as in the plans of the AK command. Knowing from Piletsky about hundreds of thousands of Jews, placed in the camp, AK did not take a single major action, to save people. Some members of Pilecki's cell killed prisoners. If any of the collaborationist prisoners helped the Poles, Piletsky was not embarrassed by his crimes against Jews.

Attempts of Jewish journalists to tell the truth about Pilecki in Poland are met with hostility. Historian Dr. Adam Tsyra tries to prove, that Doering, castrating prisoners, this saved their lives, tk. the Germans did not kill the experimental patients. Sami “saved” they did not think so and testified against Doering at the trial after the war.

Talking about Pilecki in an interview, Vuichik noticed: “The famous report of this “volunteer without goodwill” Is sensational idle chatter, but not an alarming signal [the international community]. He wrote an epic about himself - about a clever knight, who performed the task in the very hell. Reported, how the Poles in Auschwitz slyly lead the Germans by the nose”.

Piletsky was executed for espionage by the verdict of the Polish People's Republic court in 1948 g. known, that the United States had a plan of massive bombing of Polish cities. Pilecki's information was probably useful here. And how to count him as a hero, if he voluntarily condemned hundreds of thousands of compatriots to death from American bombs?

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