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American edition: White House refused to impose sanctions on Nord Stream 2 AG

American edition: White House refused to impose sanctions on Nord Stream 2 AG
US will not impose sanctions on Nord Stream operator 2 AG and its CEO, because they do not want to completely spoil relations with Germany. This is reported by Axios, citing two senior sources..

The White House concluded, what to stop the construction of the gas pipeline, ready for 95% can only be imposed by imposing sanctions against recipients of Russian gas, which means imposing restrictions against Germany, how to completely ruin the relationship with her, what in Washington are not ready to go for. Therefore, the sanctions against Nord Stream 2 AG will not, The State Department is ready to abandon them.

On the other hand, The United States still opposes “Northern Stream 2”, this was stated by Secretary of State Anthony Blinken. therefore, to support your position, Washington will impose sanctions, but against Russian courts, involved in construction. A strange situation develops, when against the pipeline itself and the company, its building, no sanctions are imposed, but against the courts, who build it – conversely.

Earlier in the United States warned, what organizations study, participating in the construction of the gas pipeline and are ready to impose restrictions on them.

In Germany itself, they said, that the question of completing the gas pipeline depends only on the speed of pipe laying, since all permissions, necessary for this, received.

В Nord Stream 2 AG assured, what “Northern Stream 2” will be completed this year, in spite of all obstacles.

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