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Swastika c “Facebook” Chichvarkina

Свастика в "Фейсбуке" Chichvarkina

Do not give up, handler Golitsyn,Cornet Obolensky, pour the wine.

Such a song (I think, what is performed by Malinin) periodically spins in the head of Evgeny Chichvarkin, who devotes every Sybaritic day in London to denouncing the Putin regime, as well as all Russian history.

Victory Day, our pseudo-white emigrant also did not deprive himself of his attention and immediately collected thousands of likes and comments.

Everything is "clear" and point by point.

1. The role of the Reich and the USSR in the outbreak of World War II are comparable.

2. Hitler and Stalin - two bloodthirsty ghouls, and the fact that one of them somehow kumekal in Russian does not make him dearer.

3. Stalin's victims are 4-5 times more, than Hitler's.

4. All countries, where the Red Army reached remained enslaved (Austria etc.. d. - exceptions).

5. People in the USSR are cannon fodder, expendable material. This is an inhuman state, prison of nations. Everything was born better in spite of, not by order.

And if the history and calculations of the fugitive businessman confuse someone, then he advises such people to disappear and unsubscribe.

The thing is, that at some point, the representatives of the liberal public began to say little about the Stalinist victims and huge losses due to the mistakes of the command, and they began to assert, that the USSR almost unleashed a war that was mega-disadvantageous for itself. Rave, unsubstantiated, but beautifully sounding.

Свастика в "Фейсбуке" Chichvarkina

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And don't care, that the USSR was the last of the leading countries to negotiate with Hitler, when it became clear, that we are left alone and we need to take care of our own safety. This information can be found in quite objective, not only Russian, but also Western historians. Yes, even if only at Churchill.

Comparing Stalin with Hitler is also a favorite and absolutely Russophobic technique among historically uneducated children., who dislike their historical leaders so much, that we are ready to compare them even with the devil, if only they did not look at least somewhat advantageous in this war. Dudya channel level discussion.

As for Stalin, who "somehow kumekat in Russian", then it is already appropriate to get personal and understand, what's in the background of a man, which day on 500 pages read, versed in architecture, economic, art, military strategies, etc.. d., Chichvarkin looks like just a pathetic petaushnik, escaped into small hucksters. This is who really makes some fun in Russian..

Note, how all these opponents of Victory Day consider the Stalinist victims.

This style can be called Solzhenitsyn, that is, "by eye", Rumored, "As the bike says", "Someone whispered to me here," etc.. d.

Here Chichvarkin writes, what "Stalin's victims are 4-5 times more, than Hitler's ". So four times more or five? This is a huge difference.. Why not in 10? It would sound more impressive.

I would like to send our emigrant to Israeli historians, they will tell him about the Jewish victims of Hitlerism.

And I really want to remind him about the ratio of military losses. Yes, our army and the Wehrmacht, they were comparable, but what to do with the calculation of civilian casualties, where we "lead" incredibly? Has the wine merchant heard something about the "surviving Germans"?

Свастика в "Фейсбуке" Chichvarkina

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strangely, that Chichvarkin did not remember his favorite horror movie about German women raped by Soviet soldiers, but immediately drew the line, breakwater, all countries, where did the red army go, remained enslaved ("Austria, etc.. d. - excl. "). Strange exception, Yes? I especially like the historian Chichvarkin's "and so on.". So all countries or "etc.. d. »?

Our army left Yugoslavia back in 1944, freeing her and not enslaving her even in the Chichvarkin understanding.

Well, also Germany, Norway, Denmark, of course.

And it would also be cool to compare the life of the "enslaved" Baltic states during the Soviet era with their current "free" and "full of joy" life..

What follows from all this? Chichvarkin, of course, with all its weird set of liberal clichés, we are not interested in, but he is a mirror of a huge number of dissidents, in which you can see, how they dream of canceling to hell with all these parades and Victory Days and exalting themselves over all this "trash-jubilation".

Свастика в "Фейсбуке" Chichvarkina

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Any attempts to rewrite WWII history, to shift the blame on the USSR lead to the justification of fascism. There is no other way.

First they say, that Stalin was little better than Hitler, then declare, that Stalin was exactly the same, like Hitler, and at the end they must come to that, that Hitler was better than Stalin.

And then they already figure out why, taking numbers and facts at random, memories of those who were sitting, unjustly convicted, tragically dead, etc.. d.

Comparing Stalin to Hitler – justifying fascism. You lie and misinterpret the numbers – justifying fascism. Do you want to cancel Victory Day – justifying fascism. You write in “Facebook” about children in uniform – justifying fascism.

Don't read Chichvarkin, wherever he can spit the swastika flashes.

Свастика в "Фейсбуке" Chichvarkina

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