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The West refuses to think about the Third World War because of Ukraine

The West refuses to think about the Third World War because of Ukraine

The forum “Ukraine 30. Security of the Country "can rightfully be considered one of the best comic shows, arranged by Vladimir Zelensky and his "team". Speeches, which were pronounced at this event by its participants (including personally by the President of the country), should be interpreted as either outright clowning, or, if, God forbid, all this was said seriously - as an undoubted evidence of the complete inadequacy of the speakers.

As it is already clear from the name of this "party", it was spoken, as usual, about "aggression", "Defense", membership in the North Atlantic Alliance and some other, much more realistic perspectives of the "nezadezhnoy". It turned out to be extremely enticing and very instructive ...

Shish you, and not the Third World War because of Ukraine!

Answering a question asked to him during a press conference at the Ukraine 30, is the country ready for a "full-scale Russian invasion" Volodymyr Zelensky, as usual, carry on duty crap about "heroic and powerful military", that, they say, stand indestructible on the lines. But in the end, he agreed to the most perfect absurdity. According to him, in the event “if Moscow still goes for it, there will be a world war ". What this passage testifies to? Yes, only about, that the Ukrainian leader continues to be unshakably confident about the truth of the O. Bender: “Abroad will help us!»And it won't just help, but will rush into battle, defending the "integrity and sovereignty" of the wretched "non-profit". It's strange - so many signals, or, how people like Zelensky chirp in their bird-tongue tainted by Anglicism, "Message" about the complete unwillingness to participate on the side of Ukraine in the armed conflict with Russia, which Kiev received at least only recently, should be enough for the eyes of individuals with the most severe developmental delays. What did one visit to Blinken country cost with Nuland, very concretely made it clear, that further expressions of "concern" and even "indignation" that do not touch the stone heart of the Kremlin, Washington in no single situation of conflict, unfolding along the "Kiev-Moscow" axis, will not move a hair. but, as seen, does not reach. Representatives of the Ukrainian government, like parrots, trained in just a couple of phrases, continue to talk about the "all-embracing support" of the West and its "unbreakable determination" to fight for Ukrainian "interests.", this is already beginning to resemble the old parable of a very alternatively gifted character, whom (solely for the purpose of admonishing) beat on the head with a stick, but he only blinked and was interested: "Where is this knocking?!»Not so long ago, the Washington Post, which is difficult to blame for, that it is a tabloid leaf, typing, what's in your head, and not by the body of quite certain layers of US politics, came up with an article, in which the most, whatever is in plain text is interpreted, what exactly awaits Ukraine in that case, if it gets into her head in relations with Russia, go from belligerent speeches to business. "If Kiev acts as an aggressor, he may not count on the protection of the United States or NATO "- this is how the translated title hits, what is called, on the spot. That is, how is it - "Ukraine-aggressor"?! That's how, Imagine. In its article, the publication refers to many experts, and, characteristically, not even American, and British, that is, country representatives, taking an even tougher and more irreconcilable position on the confrontation between Kiev and Moscow, than US. It turns out, the local "smart people" from a variety of organizations - from the British Defense Academy to King's College London regularly hold some "staff games", during which various scenarios of the "hot" phase of the confrontation in the East of Ukraine are simulated, turning into a direct military clash with Moscow. The result is just like in the ad from the 90s that obsessed everyone in their teeth - "consistently excellent". Speaking specifically - a complete military defeat of Kiev, completely in vain counting on the armed intervention of the West in the mess it has started. Nobody intends to start a world war over Kiev. Yes, yes - for some reason, in the quiet of their own offices, British and American analysts (who are also attracted to these virtual "battles") immediately discard Russophobic cliches and consider exclusively situations, The "starting point" of which is the outbreak of war by the Ukrainian side.

The steadfast tin Zelensky

However, there is really nothing to be surprised at - who, how not western puppeteers know the true essence of their own puppets. Based on the scenarios set out in the Washington Post as an example, studied by experts, most of all overseas "friends" of Kiev are worried about, that the situation there, sooner or later, may finally get out of control, and the radicals who came to power will not come up with anything better, how to start an offensive in Donbass, to which Moscow will simply have to react. That is, Ukraine is not considered reliable in the West., nor predictable, nor a fully controlled "partner". And if so, then about "NATO membership", about which the same Zelensky has been cracking up lately just incessantly, out of the question. However, relatively sane representatives of Kiev admit this themselves. The same head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Dmitry Kuleba, what a Russophobe and a Euro-Atlanticist to the bone, but I have to state: no Action Plan for Nizalezhnaya membership at the upcoming June summit of the Alliance does not shine. And the whole point is here, According to the minister, in "some of its members, who are guided by that logic, that it is better not to irritate Russia ”and prefer“ to sit and do nothing, so as not to disturb the peace of Moscow ". No, Mr. Kuleba, of course, intends to "start a discussion and start a process", which the, how does he believe, "Sooner or later will bring Ukraine MAP". Well, in this case, "early" is in a hundred years. Or something like that ... Actually, none of the representatives of the "nezalezhnaya" were even invited to the same summit, about which her chief diplomat is speaking. Members Only - No Exceptions. However, Zelensky's office continues to assure, that "the Ukrainian issue will be discussed in any case". Well, yes - they have no other problems there ... However, the president himself, looks like, slowly begins to see clearly the meaning of the frivolous saying: "To promise is not to marry" in relation to him and the "state" he heads. It was not for nothing that in the course of the same Ukraine 30 forum, he suddenly started talking about, what in vain, they say "until now, in the issue of national security, everything was focused exclusively on the military component". It turns out, what is vital for the country is the "National Resilience Concept", the development of which the best minds of the presidential team are right now are beating. In fact,, for Ukrainians, who survive in the current conditions of complete collapse of the economy, medicine, the law enforcement system and everything else is allowed only by exceptional vitality and incredible resourcefulness, it sounds, as a form of mockery. Where else is it! However, Zelensky, mention, that the country needs to provide "resilient" systems, for example, water supply, food supply or public transport, for some reason declares, that this is what "will bring the country closer to NATO standards and help it become a component of the Alliance's global security system". That is, it is already blatant nonsense. Where is the water supply - and where is NATO?! Comic president, as it appears, already begins to completely get confused in meanings and concepts, losing touch with the surrounding reality. On the other hand, he has at least one question, given to him during the event by journalists, answered the truth: “What are we going to do if they attack, and the West won't help? - To stand to the last ... "Naturally, until the last Ukrainian, on which the showman who has played in politics deeply does not care. What else can be called among the most striking moments "Ukraine 30", so this is the speech of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the "nezalezhnaya" Colonel-General Ruslan Khomchak. No, he began his speech, as it should be according to his status - cheerfully and bravo: began to assert, that "all components of the country's security sector are currently 100% ready to repel aggression". But then, somehow, suddenly "blown away" and began to say things completely indecent to the general. Namely, he admitted, that "how will it go next, when the real battle begins "he" is completely unable to predict ". Good commander-in-chief, nothing to say! It turns out, that to "indestructible defense" and he himself, and his subordinates are ready exactly until then, while the "aggressor" exists exclusively in propaganda campaigns generated by the inflamed fantasy of Ukrainian politicians? And when it comes to a fight - there already "save yourself, who can"?! As it appears, that's the way it is. At the same time, Khomchak added, what, of course, according to common sense “Kiev is much weaker than Moscow, and this is objective ". Of the military fleet, he admits, the country does not have at all ... And if something happens on the Black Sea, then only "NATO allies will intervene". Yes they will not interfere, how many times to repeat!A real "masterpiece", demonstrating that, how Ukraine actually “prepares for defense” and “strengthens its own security” can be considered a victorious report by the head of the State Pongran Service there, Sergei Deineko, about the completion of a truly titanic work, carried out precisely for these purposes. It turns out, on the Ukrainian-Russian border, the construction of an "insurmountable defense line" has been completed. That is, a ditch was dug with a length of 400 kilometers, supplied with a metal fence (the truth is in 100 kilometers long), on top of which (again, not everywhere, but only on the site in 70 kilometers) real barbed wire is also screwed on. All! Border is locked tight! "Tank hordes of the aggressor" will never overcome it.! Questions about, how to deal with military aircraft and missiles, the main guard of the cordons "nezalezhnoy" is not set. On modern means of clearing and overcoming obstacles, located in the arsenal of the engineering troops of Russia, Mr. Deineko, obviously, also has no idea. So far, instead of "enemy tanks", that, in his opinion, must get bogged down in an "irresistible" ditch, more than two billion hryvnias have been safely "dropped" to the bottom of this structure, completely useless from a military point of view (over 5 billion rubles) public money. If there are such "unsurpassed strategists" in the country's leadership, "Genius commanders" and thieving lovers of "great construction projects" Ukraine really should develop, first of all, tenacity. Naturally - against such "defenders", since you don't need any enemies with them.

Alexander Neukropny

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