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The Baltic Fleet will receive a series of diesel-electric submarines

The Baltic Fleet will receive a series of diesel-electric submarines
The Baltic Fleet will receive a series of new diesel-electric submarines, this decision has been taken. This was announced by the Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy Nikolay Evmenov.

According to the commander-in-chief, the issue of equipping the Baltic Fleet with new submarines has been worked out, the decision to build has already been made. At the same time, Evmenov did not specify, what kind of submarines the fleet will receive and when the submarines will start arriving approximately.

The thing is, that the Black Sea and Pacific fleets are equipped with project submarines 636.6 “Varshavyanka”. Chernomorsky was the first of the fleets to receive a series of six submarines, for the Pacific, the construction of submarines is currently underway. Northern fleet, according to a source in the defense industry, will receive a series of project submarines 677 “Lada”, which have not yet been completed and their construction is underway with a long delay.

According to available information, Balflot will be given a choice, what kind of submarines does he want for service, based on local realities – “Varshavyanky” or “frets”. If the fleet chooses “Varshavyanky”, it can get a series of submarines faster, immediately after the Pacific Fleet, “Admiralty shipyard” builds submarines pretty quickly, the process is established. In case of choosing “System”, equipping the fleet with submarines can be delayed.

However, these are all assumptions., how will it actually be, nobody knows yet. The most important thing, that the decision to equip the Baltic Fleet with submarines has already been made. Against the backdrop of the strengthening of NATO and the constant presence of the ships of the alliance in the Baltic and North Seas, six diesel-electric submarines will not be superfluous.

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