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"Down the drain": The United States commented on the decision of the Navy to decommission two littoral ships for 10-12 years before expiration

«Money down the drain»: The United States commented on the decision of the Navy to decommission two littoral ships for 10-12 years before expiration
The American press discusses the state of affairs in the naval forces, coastal-related (littoral warships) LCS project. AT 2021 the 15th anniversary of the launching of the first of such warships of the US Navy - the ship with the loud name "Freedom" – USS Freedom (LCS-1).

Columnist Andrew Dyer writes, that in the year of the 15th anniversary, the command of the US Navy did not decide, for what specific purposes are these ships with a displacement of about 2,7 thousand. tons to use. If it was originally intended, that littoral warships will be used for the global fight against terrorism - to counter, eg, speedboats in the coastal zone, now the emphasis has shifted.

Andrew Dyer:

The US Navy has a new strategy today, new missions. more precisely, this is a return to the old strategy: counteraction by powerful warships of Russia and China.
American War Correspondent notes, that at the same time the US Navy does not fully understand, how exactly can coastal ships be used against countries, possessing developed navies and coastal anti-ship complexes.

Andrew Dyer:

LCS project implemented, but the navy is still trying to understand, what to do with the composition of littoral warships worth about 16 billion.
LCS technical problems also raise additional questions.. for example, several ships of this series, as the American author points out, suffered breakdowns on the high seas.

From material in the American press:

Recently discovered, that the ships have big transmission problems, she needs redesign.
Andrew Dyer:

All this explains a very peculiar decoding of LCS by sailors. – Little Crappy Ships (instead of Littoral Combat Ship - approx. IN).
Little Crappy Ships in relatively acceptable (in literary terms) translated means "small unlucky ships".

The San Diego Union Tribune notes, what, spending billions of dollars on this project, the command is now about to decommission 4 the first ships of this project. Congress allowed the withdrawal of two ships - 31 USS Independence will be launched in July (LCS-2), 30 September – USS Freedom (LCS-1). it is, moreover,, that the service life of such ships was designated as 25 years. It turns out, that the decommissioning of LCS ships in the United States is going to take 10 years before the expiration of the service life for USS Freedom and for 12 years for USS Independence.

Commenting on this fact, US experts write, that the project itself – this is "money down the drain".

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