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Germany and Poland have combined airspace for combat aviation

Germany and Poland have combined airspace for combat aviation
Germany and Poland allowed combat aircraft to cross borders and enter the airspace of countries in the event of a rapid response warning (Quick Reaction Alert, QRA). The corresponding agreement on the opening of airspace was signed 14 May in Warsaw.

In this way, in case of danger to one of the states, fighters of the other will be able to enter their airspace unhindered without prior notice. The signing of the document was attended by the German and Polish ministers of defense, the agreement will become part of NATO's expanded mission to protect the airspace of countries, members of the Alliance.

This agreement will be future, which will allow our fighters to cross borders in our joint airspace. This not only protects our territories, but ultimately good for the entire North Atlantic alliance
– said following the signing of the document, the commander of the Air Operations Center, Lieutenant General of the German Air Force Klaus Habersetzer.

planned, that within the framework of NATO's expanded mission “air borders” will be erased for the alliance combat aviation over all the Baltic republics, Benelux (Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg), Albania, Iceland, Slovenia, as well as Bulgaria and Romania.

Fighters, included in the Quick Reaction Alert program, are in full combat readiness for flight during 24 hours. The elimination of air borders will allow the duty forces, if necessary, to intercept enemy aircraft, even over the territory of other states.

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