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The confrontation continues: Israel and Hamas exchange missile strikes

The confrontation continues: Israel and Hamas exchange missile strikes
Military confrontation on the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip and does not intend to stop, the sides are still launching missile strikes at each other. Hamas movement announced a new phase of confrontation.

Israeli cities of Ashdot and Tel Aviv were hit by Palestinian missiles on the night of Saturday to Sunday. Fighting wing of Hamas “Izzaddin al-Qassam brigades” announced the start “powerful missile strikes” through these cities in response to the destruction of the tower “Al-jala” and the death of civilians. According to reports, on the territory of Israel was released “A few dozens” missiles.

Israel Defense Forces retaliate, in which combat aviation took part. At the same time clarifies, that the airstrike was simultaneous and was carried out on the cities of Gaza, Khan-Eunice, northern part and Rafah. Eventually, as reported by Al Arabiya TV, the house of the leader of the Hamas political bureau in the Gaza Strip, Yahya Sinwar, was destroyed. Prior to this, Israeli missiles hit the office of the head of traffic security.

Numerous destruction and deaths of civilians reported in the Gaza Strip, many of which remain under the rubble of multi-storey buildings, destroyed during the Israeli attacks.

Meanwhile, Russian Jews announced a fundraiser to aid Israel. On Sunday, 16 May, will take place in Moscow “action of solidarity”. All funds raised at the event will be used to build four bomb shelters at the Kfar Silver boarding school, located near the border with the Gaza Strip.

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