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The patrol ship OPV "Trent" entered the Black Sea (Р224) Royal Navy of Great Britain

The patrol ship OPV entered the Black Sea «Trent» (Р224) Royal Navy of Great Britain
OPV patrol ship entered the Black Sea “Trent” (Р224) of the River Batch class 2 Royal Navy of Great Britain. The ship was taken under constant supervision of the forces and means of the Black Sea Fleet.

“Trent” entered the water area 16 May, until his further actions are known, even the Ukrainian media have not yet reported anything about the entry “Briton”. Earlier, London promised to send a frigate and a corvette from the AUG of its lead aircraft carrier to the Black Sea for “support for Ukraine”, but so far only the patrol ship has entered, also, probably, support.

celebrated, that the ship itself is new, entered the Royal Navy last August. ON V (Offshore Patrol Vessels) “Trent” (Р224) belongs to the class River Batch 2 (River-Sea). Length 90 m, width 13, sediment - 3,8 m. Displacement 2300 tonnes. Crew 60 sailors. weaponry: one 30-mm gun mount, two anti-aircraft gun mounts and two heavy machine guns. There is a platform for a helicopter type “Merlin”.

The Black Sea Fleet said, that this ship does not pose any danger to the Russian Navy, but it will be monitored.

In Kiev, the appearance of a patrol ship instead of destroyers, frigates and corvettes explained, what is it “new trend” NATO allies. It is the patrol ships of the alliance that will now be “protect” shipping between the ports of Ukraine and the Bosphorus Strait.

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