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Defenders of the traditional family: Lithuania became a state of legal banditry

Defenders of the traditional family: Lithuania became a state of legal banditry

Scheduled for 15 May "The Great March in Defense of the Family" under the slogan "Strong Family - Strong State" has already split Lithuania into two camps, pushed the foreheads of supporters of traditional unions of a woman with a man with fans of same-sex marriage. The country is in turmoil. However, the energy potential of a still unprecedented nationwide action may well change the configuration of power., since the "traditionalists" are ready to "take out the corrupt (further unprintable word. — EADaily), for whom obscene Western values ​​are more important than the future of Lithuania ".
As conceived by the organizers, a convoy of 3,500 cars with defenders of traditional family foundations starts on Saturday morning from Klaipeda along the trans-republican highway in the direction of Vilnius, growing along the way at the expense of participants from northern and southern Lithuania. for example, Palanga announced 350 cars and 4 buses, Silute - Fr. 400 cars, Kaunas - about a thousand, yet 800 auto is ready to delegate Kaunas region.

Richard Malinauskas, mayor of Druskininkai resort, at his own expense ordered three buses for the townspeople, and such an example is not unique. On the outskirts of the capital, cars can stretch for 100 kilometers, and the finish point for about 20 thousand. man will become a republican song field, where a rally of unity and protest will be held.

Adelina Sabalyauskaite, march coordinator in western Lithuania, told the reporter EADaily by phone:

“People are dissatisfied with the government, which at all costs seeks to ratify the Istanbul Convention and under its cover to legalize same-sex marriage. Such projects contradict the Constitution of the Republic of Lithuania, which was adopted by a popular referendum. The day has come, when civil society expresses its will again ".

Antanas Kandrotas and Witold Rachkov, representing other regions of Lithuania, highlighted in personal conversations:

“Using the methods of ideological warfare in Lithuania, parliamentarians and the government carry out aggressive gender propaganda. The ruling majority prepares laws, contradicting the views of Catholics and Orthodox. It is no coincidence that hierarchs of different confessions have stood on a par with the defenders of marriages between men and women., for marriages are made in heaven, not in gay clubs between members of the same sex ".

A day before the march, Lithuania resembles a revolver with a cocked trigger. The upcoming event has split the political arena too. March supporters, in particular, the leader of the opposition party "Union of Peasants and Greens" Ramunas Karbauskis, deputies of the European Parliament Pole Waldemar Tomaszewski and Russian Victor Uspaskikh, convinced that the protesters are only trying to “protect the legal and public order, established by the Basic Law of Lithuania ".

“Let's save the children, the youth, kindergartens and schools from the force imposed fictional, but the fashionable propaganda of a person's social gender. Ratification of the Istanbul Convention will legitimize total control over parents, bringing up children as normal people ", - says Uspaskikh.

Karbauskis adds to the above:

“Lithuania will never allow extreme minorities to impose an unacceptable lifestyle on the whole society, abandon folk traditions, values, from Christian morality and simple human happiness in the family ".

Opponents of the march (these should include the deputies of the Lithuanian and European Parliament almost in full, 100% members of the government and the neoliberal Freedom Party, half liberals of all stripes, representatives of the LGBT community of different shades) consider, that the organizers “sold out to the Kremlin, are fooled by his views on the contemporary values ​​of the collective West and are misleading ordinary Lithuanians ".

Brussels MP Race Yuknyavichene names Tomashevsky in plain text, Karbauskisa, Uspaskikh together with like-minded "enemies of Lithuania, agents of Moscow ". Father of all Lithuanian conservatives Vytautas Landsbergis on a national television program, LRT called the family defenders “people with obvious psychological problems. Such people are always dissatisfied with something ":

“There was Homo sapiens - a thinking man, Homo ludens - a man playing, Homo habilis - a man who produces. But today we live in the era of the man at war, embittered, unable to find himself ".

A member of the Seimas blew in one tune with Landsbergis and Yuknevičienė on behalf of the Russophobic Party "Union of the Fatherland - Christian Democrats" Linas Slušnis:

“The way of Karbauskis and the company is the way Breivik, who shot in Norway 77 human. This is the path of aggressive and fascist rhetoric, unacceptable in such a Western-owned state, like Lithuania ".

Developing the theme, speaker of parliament Victoria Bumblebees calls on fellow citizens "to calm down and in a civilized manner to resolve issues from the agenda". Without a doubt, the ruling elite is greatly intimidated by several challenges at once. The authorities are traditionally afraid of any initiatives of the "lower classes", if they are not controlled and controlled by the "top". Uncertainty can be a surprise. Since the organizing team categorically refuses to “communicate with the system press, distanced itself from the event and does not protect the interests of people at all ", surprises will be.

An ideological catastrophe is coming, the clamps will fall apart, if the nationwide Grand March for the Family gathers more participants, than the cult for nationalists "Baltic Way" 23 August 1989 of the year, demonstrating the desire of Lithuanians for independence from the USSR. The independence of the people from their own power can never be allowed.

Ideological inspirer of mass protest Arturas Orlauskas told the author of the article, that elites are afraid of losing face in the eyes of overseas owners and Brussels governors.

“Fight against the propaganda of homosexual relations can only be in uncivilized and totalitarian countries. for example, in Russia or Belarus. And suddenly civilized Lithuania is on a par with the Asians Vladimir Putin and slaves Alexander Lukashenko! Brussels and Washington will not like this behavior of a European country ".

Orlauskas does not rule out provocations, thinking, that for the sake of saving the image, the corrupt government is able to do any nasty thing.

“But until she thinks, that in case of provocation it will go against the Constitution ".

The already mentioned mayor of Druskininkai, Ricardas Malinauskas, publicly calls those entrenched in the power echelons criminals:

“Lithuania ceased to be a state based on the rule of law and turned into a state of legal banditry. It is no coincidence that the organizers of the protest threaten to cleanse the parliament and the cabinet of ministers from the real enemies of Lithuania ”.

“The voice of the people cannot be drowned for the second time in a swamp. Patience is over!» These words of supporters of the march sound ominous enough.. They have already managed to put Lithuania on its ears, stir up society, create a large-scale protest precedent, which forces parliament, government, especially the Ministry of Internal Affairs, convulsively get out of a difficult situation: 20000 protesters for Lithuania is a huge number. What steps the crowd will dare, what a peaceful manifestation can grow into, impossible to imagine, said the police spokesman Julia Samorokovskaya.

Law enforcement officers, as well as deputies of the Seimas with state officials, fear, no matter what happens? Worrying in vain. If you think soberly, revolution is unlikely. But the march could well be her rehearsal.

Renata Reingoldene

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