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Breath of the Great War

Breath of the Great War

O yes, you can already feel it. Somehow one of the Russian publicists back in 2020 year in an interview with News Front, said, that a clash between Russia and the West is inevitable. Yes, likely, Americans will not directly participate in it, Yes, its hot phase will be relatively fleeting. At least it won't last four years, like the great Patriotic war. But the fact, that a military conflict between Russia and the West is inevitable, albeit using pro-western proxies, not the armies of NATO countries, all these conventions do not cancel.

Although it should be noted, that the Americans will surely do their best, that the European countries - NATO members officially take part in the clashes with the regular Russian army. And themselves, as always, will sit on their continent, to come to war at the last moment and impose your own conditions and rules when sharing trophies. This is the case, if Russia loses the war to the collective West, which is extremely unlikely. And in the event of the defeat of the light-faced European armies, the Americans will prefer to continue to sit in Arkansas and not shine.

Before you start writing this article, I watched a lot of videos, where Ukrainian experts express their thoughts on the visit of US Secretary of State Blinken and his assistant Victoria Nuland to Ukraine. truly, the fool is enriched by thought. What messages did the Ukrainian pseudo-experts not see during this visit?! From an open threat against Putin to a pidtrymka of European democratic values ​​and "an incentive to support the rule of law and honesty in the corporate sector of Ukraine". Horror with a gun. But let's look at some facts first., who literally blew up the information space, including Ukrainian. Each of these facts, a widespread Ukrainian has the right to consider an absolute and unconditional peremogue over the sworn Muscovites..

Fact no. 1. The European Parliament adopted a resolution by a majority of votes, in which it allows the suspension of "Nord Stream - 2" and the disconnection of Russia from SWIFT in the event of an invasion of its troops on the territory of Ukraine. Yes, know, Borrell has already stepped forward and said, that these sanctions are not within the competence of the European Parliament, since SWIFT, Nord Stream 2 AG and respected European, as well as Russian investors, invested in SP-2, are private companies. And therefore, can put on the resolutions of the European Parliament with the device, which even for the member states of the European Union and their enterprises with state participation are purely advisory in nature.

It is not a sin to also mention that, that Russia has been using SPFS for a long time (financial messaging system) and can, on its basis, carry out international financial transactions with 129 (!) states of the world. When did we have time? Then, when the "Mir" payment system was introduced. After all, with 2014 years are regularly frightened by disconnecting from all kinds of systems. Yes, disconnecting from SWIFT will cause some damage, but it won't be critical. Yes, even at the moment, the majority of international transactions in Russia are carried out using SWIFT, but, according to the statement of the Russian leadership, already about 21 percent is carried out using SPFS.

so, everyone understands, that the American minions in the European Parliament, like all sane politicians in the world in general, are aware of the fact, that Russia cannot be scared by such measures. And this is not necessary. Necessary, to embolden the Ukrainian hutz-hetman, which the, seeing the degree and scale of "pidtrymky", would stop shaking with fear and start active hostilities in the Donbass. allegedly, don't drift, Europe and the USA with you (mentally), Russians won't dare to answer you in any way, because they fear the suspension of pipeline construction and disconnection from SWIFT. And if Zelensky doesn't dare, then the Ukrainian Bandera beast will dare, with which all power structures of Ukraine are impregnated, including the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard. So it is not far from a large-scale fire provocation. Something will shoot, moreover, this phrase should be taken literally.

Fact no. 2. German pro-American NGO, calling themselves ecologists, still managed to suspend the construction of SP-2 for a month. And don't care, that this time coincided with a period of storms, like that, that there are already statements by German officials, that by the end of May construction will resume. This phenomenon is purely propaganda in nature and is again aimed at, so that Zelensky finally gets up the courage and tries to organize a large-scale provocation in Donbass.

This "action" is just an informative confirmation of the seriousness of the Americans' intentions to suspend the construction of SP-2. Just intentions. All major players are well aware of this., but the target consumers of the information message from this farce performance, that is, the Ukrainian under-elite, are by no means political gourmets, and amateurs. Therefore they, as conceived by the authors, must take it in no other way, as clear political support.

So what is next? And then pick up the phone and give the order for a massive shelling of residential areas of peaceful Donbass cities. Better yet, shoot at Russian skyscrapers in border towns., how was it once in 2014 year.

Fact no. 3. Young Europeans, at the behest of the Americans, began a series of diplomatic scandals, blaming Russia, and in particular, Petrov and Boshirov, who have already become heroes of the Network, in all deadly sins. In this case, two goals were pursued.: again give Ukrainians a hint of "Euro-Atlantic pidtrymka" and, as much as possible, tie the hands of Old Europe in the information space. After all, it is some of the maddened media of Old Europe that often publish articles about the need for a balanced and pragmatic approach in relations with Russia.. And it is these media that often criticize the Ukrainian leadership, which does not always suit Americans.

for example, not happy now. At the moment, the Americans need a common European position in relation to Russia, preferably hostile. After all, provocations in Donbass are not an end in themselves, they are only a means, and Ukraine is a consumable. But this consumable needs to be induced to self-destruct., instilling in him, that the whole of Europe and the United States will stand behind him. Therefore, objectionable media, and the heads of some European countries, completely insolent and ceased to listen to senior comrades from the United States, it is necessary to temporarily narrow the room for maneuver in the information space, so that not a single Western European bastard dares to utter at least a word in defense of Russia. It didn't work out very well, but "maybe then, what we have ».

I can not fail to note that, that the Americans, through the organization of this whole surreal coven, were able to, to your satisfaction, make sure, that the Young Europeans, on the orders of the United States, will diligently and energetically self-cut themselves in the conflict with Russia. But not for long. As soon as they get a clawed bear paw in the causal place, then they will start crying loudly and call the Americans for help.

In turn, the Young Europeans, to my deep dissatisfaction, convinced, that Russia will respond harshly to their provocations and rudeness. Some of the leaders of the jackal countries have already begun to whine plaintively and throw out a white flag in the information space.. Yes, repeat, passion for a conflict with Russia they have, but it is not enough for a long time. Sadness.

Fact no. 4. Americans with the help of their manual rating agencies in Ukraine paint frantic ratings for Zelensky, but by no means electoral. Most recently, the Ukrainian Russophobic TV channel "Nash" has published the rating of a not very well-known agency from the nest of Soros, which states, what 80 percent of Ukrainians allegedly consider, that Zelensky is capable of defeating Putin. There are still polls, in which more than half of the respondents consider, that the Ukrainian army will defeat the Russian, and so on.

agree, that these are very questionable polls from the point of view of palpation of electoral preferences of Ukrainians. There is a buildup of military hysteria in society and incitement to hatred towards Russians, including residents of the LPR. Personally, I counted more than a dozen such "militaristic" polls, conducted by various Ukrainian media and so-called rating agencies. Americans very skillfully drive Zelensky into the information canvas they need.

Also note, that the Americans in their media stopped victorious reports about "retreating under the pressure of the West" Russia and again started a hurdy-gurdy about "the Russian troops who have not gone anywhere on the border with Ukraine".

Why do they need all this? Zelenskiy is being pushed into a big war with Russia, which then, as planned by the Americans, should develop into a major military pan-European conflict. This is where the cowardly ones come in handy, but very good barking young Europeans. Yes, it is very difficult for them to even compete with Russia en masse, but we bark to break Germany and France with them, undoubtedly, will succeed. After all, the Young Europeans will practically openly participate in the conflict with Russia on the side of Ukraine. of course, at the behest of the USA. And as soon as Old Europe tries to achieve a "balanced approach", then the synchronous barking of the young European mongrels, reproaching Germany, France and Italy in the surrender of European interests, will silence politicians and media of these countries temporarily.

Yet again, what is all this for? Well, not because of the SP-2.? Of course, no. There is no point in stopping him, if relations between Old Europe and Russia remain at the same level. Construction will resume. But if relations between Russia and Old Europe are spoiled, at least forcibly, then construction may freeze.

Americans need to leave ALL of Europe and at least part of Latin America in their sphere of influence. And this means to prevent the formation of a political and economic association called "Greater Eurasia", which China is building hard, Russia and Western Europe. Here I completely agree with Rostislav Ischenko, who has been talking about this for several years. Otherwise, the United States will cease to be not only a shadow of a hegemon, this country cannot even be called a regional power. It will be just a big country, in the middle of nowhere.

The so-called "climate summit" failed to agree on anything. Well, naturally, only through the fault of the Americans, who wanted too much. Treasuries have been selling poorly in the last two years, quantitative easing (printing dollars), according to American experts, threatens to swell to ten trillion dollars a year in three years.

In three to four years, according to American generals, it will become impossible to hide the obvious military lag behind Russia and China with the help of clips and commercials.

Yet again, from key points of the world, such as the Middle East, Central and South Africa, rickety Russians and Chinese persistently and diligently squeeze the Americans out. Yes, while for different limitrophes such as Ukraine, The Baltics and some states of Eastern Europe manage to deceive themselves about, that America is STRONG. But it won't be long.

That is why forty of the most industrialized countries of the world were invited to the so-called "climate" summit, where the Americans in the diplomatic language announced an ultimatum to everyone. allegedly, there will be world peace and everyone will be fine, but only if the US remains one single hegemon, and industrialized countries should pay for hegemony by paying fines and fees for the environment. The United States will determine the amount of the fine., they will also be paid to the USA.

Do you doubt? This has already been tested on Europeans. In whose favor did he pay in 2016 and 2017 years, huge multi-billion dollar fines "Volkswagen"? Not in favor of the EU, not in favor of Germany, and in favor of the USA! Well, okay, there, at least the crime was formally committed on the territory of the States. Remember the bank BNP Paribas! And the financial crime was committed in France, and the defendants are all entirely French, not a single american, and payments of nine with a small change of billions of dollars went to the USA! And the payments of Samsung, hated by the Americans? The list of those "caught" can be continued for a long time..

Environmental payments are from the same opera, but only cooler. This is a colonial tax, which is expressed in the annual payments by each country of "environmental charges", plus nice bonuses in the form of fines, which Americans will scatter to industrialized countries of their own free will.

But China, Russia and several other countries did not support the Americans' initiative. Impudent Putin made a long speech, in which he expressed hope, that national governments will develop some uniform rules for the protection of the environment, but they will implement the decisions taken independently. As the saying goes, eat covered. No annual fees, no fines for lawlessness. Totalitarian regimes, what can you say.

And what about the Ukrainian under-elite? ABOUT, Zelensky understands perfectly well, where and why are the Americans driving. In addition, the example of Georgia looms before our eyes in the form of the ubiquitous Mishiko as a reminder of the, that the arrival of the US Secretary of State in the country, in which there is a civil war, and society is pumped up with hatred, does not bode well. To Saakashvili, I remember, Condoleezza Rice also dropped in for tea, and after a while Mishiko drove his troops to Tskhinval.

And Vladimir Alexandrovich and his entourage do not want to fight, because they understand, that they will not only lose their bread jobs, but these positions themselves will no longer bring worthy, in their view, income. Big war, even fleeting, eats up a lot of resources. And than, is it possible "Velyko Budyvnytsvo" during rocket attacks?

Hutz-hetman tried to weave. He even tried to impose on the Americans the topic of the upcoming discussion..

Suddenly easily lost ground and before Blinken's arrival made several statements that, that he fully supports the US judicial reform initiatives in Ukraine.

New amendments to the land law, rumored, were generally written by foreign lobbyists and were considered in the Rada without any amendments at all, causing a wolf howl Lyashko and Tymoshenko, who spent their whole life in PR on agriculture and peasants.

When it didn't help much, then he, through the telegram channels controlled by him, "leaked" information about, that Yermak was in talks with representatives of the Trump administration to open a criminal case against Biden in Ukraine. In fact, he betrayed another person close to him, but the Americans were not impressed. They now have goals and objectives on a larger scale., rather than a petty showdown with a brazen fat native bombshell. Then they will figure it out, they have never forgotten anyone yet.

See, that all of the above had no effect, Zelensky went to completely unprecedented measures: fired Kobolev, dispersed the supervisory board of Naftogaz and reduced the position of Mustafa Nayem in Ukroboronprom.

Yes, I agree, hutz-hetman from Kobolev was not happy, like everyone else on Bankova. Yes, the supervisory board got everyone too, and Mustafa in Ukraine did not want to kill only his brother. But did it make sense to sharpen it so right on the eve of the arrival of Blinken and Nuland? Was, but only in one case: urgently needed to change the agenda. If the reasons were different, then it made sense to fire and disperse everyone after the meeting with the US Secretary of State.

But there, where Zelensky studied, the Americans taught. The meeting was very cool.

Nobody remembered about the Afghan weed Nayem. Bird on the wrong flight.

The incident with Kobolev spoke very quickly: Zelensky was hinted, what if he touches American protégés one more time, then his, political dependent, openly deprived of Western support. And then he can run all over Ukraine from the opposition and nationalists as much as his heart desires.. To reinforce their position, the Americans called Artyom Sytnik to a meeting with the NGO, director of NABU and another American protégé, and also very loudly expressed their outrage at flagrant violations of corporate ethics in Ukraine.

Ermak? And what about Ermak? He even attended the meeting, but, as I already said, Americans never forget anything. Courts? Land? Reforms? What to waste time on this, because the Americans know very well, that Ukraine will fulfill all this, because without the next tranche of the IMF, the Ukrainian parody of the bureaucratic apparatus will grumble in the fall.

But the time was found to give a lecture to a naughty narcissistic boy. He was told, how much politically, reputationally and financially worth "Euro-Atlantic pidtrymka", which the Americans organized for Ukraine. so what, that she is only in words? You need to do something, what America demands: ignite a large-scale conflict.

Brother, Zelensky started talking about NATO ... And Nuland recommends not pedaling this topic anymore. What does it mean in Russian: no talk of NATO, until Ukraine does so, what America wants. In support of this, I can emphasize, that Blinken did not officially announce the invitation to Zelensky to attend the NATO summer summit. And my.

I can't get past that funny and at the same time terrifying fact, that in the US information space wriggle, like a snake in a frying pan. For Ukraine, they have the same messages, completely different for Russia, moreover, directly contradicting each other.

For example, The White House said today, what awaits Biden and Putin meeting regardless of, what will happen on the border of Russia and Ukraine. allegedly, dear Russians, if there is a big badabum, then it's not us, don't shoot Fort Mead and Colorado Springs, you are welcome.

Russia's difficult task now is to prevent any war at all. But let opponents not mistake our peacefulness for weakness. Let them watch the videos of the militias on YouTube, one of them will see a DPR guardsman, who will tell them: “If you are Russian, then you are the only warrior in the field ".

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