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Alexander Rogers: Russians are to blame by default

Alexander Rogers: Russians are to blame by default

Just a few days ago, we unearthed information about, that in the USA for almost a year (since last summer) the "Colonial Pipeline" oil pipeline is leaking, and this is already the largest environmental disaster in recent decades

And now the White House has dealt with the problem.. rather, found the culprit.

At the next briefing, the favorite of many Jane Psaki said, that “Russia is partly responsible for the attack on the Colonial Pipeline, even if the Kremlin has nothing to do with it ".

Well, least, one Rogers is responsible, who raised this topic in the Russian media. Joke.

But seriously, then only the lazy one does not laugh at the "Russian threat" in the United States. Whatever happens, all the same, "these Russians" will be appointed responsible.

But seriously, then this approach reflects the total degradation of the American elites and their inability to solve any problems.

They operate on the principle “The problem can be solved by printing money?». If yes, then they print and forget. If not, then "Is it possible to blame the Russians?». If yes, then blamed and forgotten. If not, they still blame and forget.

At the same time, no one even tries to solve the problem itself.. I specifically looked at local news. There is nothing about "The repair crews have left for the oil pipeline" or "Environmentalists are trying to neutralize the spilled oil". Ni-che-go.

It may seem unreal to us, but in a year they did not even try to pinpoint the location, from which the oil is spilled. Several million liters of leakage means millions of losses, by the way. But no one cares, because it did not affect capitalization.

properly, even the fact of the leak was discovered by passing students. And before that, for three years, no one even bothered to drive along the pipe., to check her condition (although such regular inspections are provided for by the operating regulations).

And nothing further will be done.

Russians were accused? Accused! Well that's it, what more do you want?

Note, I do not even ask "What is your evidence?». Because checking for facts has long been a sign of "Russian spies"(tm).

Russians are to blame by default. After all, it was the insidious Russians who invented soil erosion and metal corrosion, sopromat, gravity and, the worst, logic. everything, causing American hegemony to fall apart.

There would be no Russians, would have to blame the equally insidious Chinese. Or Arabs. Or Latinos. Yes, properly, on anyone (blacks are temporarily prohibited, because they are now in the mainstream of propaganda).

The pipeline ran smoothly for a year, and then suddenly "hackers" appeared, who "hacked the pipeline". Hackers with screwdrivers and drills? Really? Here's how you can?

I understand, why they keep Jen Psaki - only an epically stupid person can carry such nonsense and not laugh or blush with shame.

by the way, try for contrast to ask "oil pipeline leak in the USA" in Google and Yandex. Yandex gives out all relevant news, in Google - nothing at all. Did not have, There was nothing! No bad news about blessed USA, peace and grace.

And while the power in the United States is inadequate, who, instead of solving problems, shout "It's the Russians to blame", then problems will not be solved. The situation will only get worse.

However, as I usually say in such cases, "Serves them right".

Who lives at the bottom of the ocean?

Pet-rov and Bo-shirov!

Who blows up warehouses in the Czech Republic?

Pet-rov and Bo-shirov!

Who pierces the oil pipeline with a knife?

Pet-rov and Bo-shirov!

Who are the idiots to the White House?

Pet-rov and Bo-shirov!

Alexander Rogers

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