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Children's Ombudsman of Tatarstan: Galyaviev in the family was brought up in strict rules – demanded not to smoke or drink

Children's Ombudsman of Tatarstan: Galyaviev in the family was brought up in strict rules - demanded not to smoke or drink
The Commissioner for the Rights of the Child in the Republic of Tatarstan Irina Volynets told the press some details about the life and upbringing of terrorist Ilnaz Galyaviev. Here you need to make a remark regarding, that at the moment this "man" is being held as a defendant in a murder case, at the same time, in the initiated case, the article about the terrorist act is still not used in. Representatives of the prosecutor's office and the investigation declare that they are "studying all the facts" for a possible retraining of this high-profile case.

According to Irina Volynets, Galyaviev's parents raised their son "in strict rules":

They themselves did not smoke or drink alcohol and demanded the same from their sons.
RIA Novosti points to Volynets' statement that, that in “his family (Галявиева) did not spoil ". Volynets added, that "sometimes strong pressure on the child gives the opposite result".

A somewhat strange interpretation of "strict rules". It turns out, what if the parents of a child bring up smoking cessation in him, using alcohol or drugs, then these are already "strict rules"?.. But, by and large, this is how children are brought up in millions of absolutely normal Russian families. And this does not mean, that all children, who are forbidden by their parents to smoke or drink alcohol, ready to grab a gun or collect a bomb to attack innocent people.

A few more facts are noteworthy.. Initially, materials appeared in the press with reference to Galyaviev's relatives about, that he grew up "a quiet and calm boy, from which you have never heard a voice rise ". However, then it turned out, that Galyaviev, due to a conflict with his parents, lived alone for several months, was often seen in conflict situations in an educational institution, from whence, according to the administration of this educational institution, he was expelled just a couple of weeks before the crime was committed. Also published were the words of his classmates about, that Galyaviev offered them to join a certain sect, and they are (classmates) then regarded as "his next joke".

Recall, that who committed a crime in the Kazan gymnasium No. 175 Galyaviev, By the tribunal's decision, placed under arrest for 2 of the month. At the same time, a psychological and psychiatric examination has already been assigned., which for some reason they decided to carry out with the involvement of Moscow specialists. And there are no professional psychiatrists in the city with a population of over one million Kazan?

Meanwhile, experts agree, which is understandable even without costly examinations, that Galyaviev acted consciously.

He carefully prepared for a terrorist attack. I chose weapons not in Kazan, and in another city (Yoshkar-Ole), bought cartridges for it in different stores, collected bombs according to drawings and diagrams, purchasing various components from retail outlets, carefully weighing everything and preparing combinations of substances and their compounds. In his blood, as one of the examinations has already shown, there were no traces of illegal drugs, despite, that at the address of his residence they found a bottle with "fly agaric tincture". Also, the fact of awareness of actions confirms that, that Galyaviev, after committing a crime, calmly got rid of his weapon, as well as from cartridges, went down from the third floor to the school doorstep and, hands up, surrendered to the police. Although initially in his account he wrote, that he is definitely not going to give up.

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