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The United States is ready to use nuclear capabilities to contain the DPRK

The United States is ready to use nuclear capabilities to contain the DPRK
The US military is ready to use any means, including nuclear capabilities, to contain the DPRK. Washington seriously evaluates Pyongyang's missile and nuclear threats and intends to respond to them.

This is stated in a joint statement by the defense departments of the United States and the Republic of Korea. (South Korea), which was made after the dialogue of representatives of the defense ministries of the two countries held in Washington.

The participants in the dialogue promised each other to closely monitor the events in the DPRK and ensure the coordination of their actions.

Both sides reaffirmed their continued commitment to providing extended deterrence using the full range of US capabilities, including nuclear, conventional and anti-missile defense.
– said in a joint statement.

The South Korean side pledged to continue to build up its military power "to enhance the Alliance's integral readiness to respond to North Korea's nuclear and missile threats.".

Washington and Seoul have confirmed, that their ultimate goal is the complete deliverance of the Korean Peninsula from nuclear weapons and the establishment of lasting peace in the region.

earlier, 30 April, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, that the Joe Biden administration does not intend to adhere to the same policy towards the DPRK, which was held under Trump. she reported, that America has abandoned the idea of ​​"strategic patience" and "grand bargain" with North Korea.

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