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Julia Vityazeva: Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the steppes of Ukraine

Julia Vityazeva: Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the steppes of Ukraine

If during the period of the Karabakh conflict Ukraine dreamed of bayraktars, now she urgently needs an "iron dome". To defend against Putin

And there is no, these are not my fantasies, a summary of the monitoring of the Ukrainian segment of social networks, who, with the beginning of a new round of aggravation of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, once again began to pull the situation over himself.

However, I do not remember, so that at least one city in Ukraine was subjected to a missile attack from Russia. But I can endlessly list the settlements of Donbass, which Ukraine strikes at.

But you won't embarrass the "patriots". For they believed so much, that Russia longs for their capture and destruction, that at this point in time they are gambling about the need to create all that infrastructure, which exists in Israel to protect civilians.

of course, all this hysteria and whipping comes from the filing of regular provocateurs, who explain in a blue eye, that the NATO fleet in the Black Sea is to prevent Putin from attacking, and the creation of a network of bomb shelters is not a whim, but a vital necessity. Because sooner or later, Ukraine will start "like in Israel".

Furthermore, Now, all the cozy blozhiks of Ukrainian "patriots" and Russian opposition liberals and "oppositionists" who have settled in the same trench with them are being heavily pumped up with the thesis "Hamas + Russia = Love".

understandably, what to delve into diplomatic subtleties, equally, as in the ancient history of the conflict, help to resolve which more than one generation of politicians is trying (moreover, not only Russian) - a lot of bad. Especially, that "knowledgeable people" in three paragraphs have already laid out everything "on the shelves", resulting in the "axiom", which can be found in every third comment. Namely - "The Russian Federation supports Hamas and this is a danger signal for Ukraine".

Palestinian missiles are unlikely to reach Kiev, and such intentions from Hamas, like, did not sound. But logic is exclusively Moscow pseudoscience. Because now, urgently (write down) Yuzhmash should start designing the "iron dome", and in every Ukrainian apartment it is necessary to equip a bomb shelter room. At whose expense the banquet will be held - not specified. But it doesn't matter. the main thing, to begin. And there future NATO partners will help.

But the very pulp of all this feast of absurdity and madness is that, that Ukraine (as the same "authoritative" bloggers write), you need to start living by the principle, voiced by Golda Meir: “We want to live. Our neighbors want to see us dead. This leaves little room for compromise. ".

Well, did you understand, Yes.

Wherein, I remind, all their fears are nothing more than fantasies. But seven years of methodical zombies have done their job, and therefore they are already mentally erecting an "iron dome" and equipping bomb shelters, in which they will mentally hide from the Russian missiles existing only in their thoughts and fantasies.

Julia Vityazeva

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