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How to make vehicle inspection more accessible, discussed in MG “patriot”

On Friday, 14 May, at 13:00 in Moscow in the press center Media groups “patriot” there will be a press conference on: how to make vehicle inspection more accessible and stop saving on car repairs.

How to make vehicle inspection more accessible, обсудят в МГ "Патриот"

During the pandemic, Russian motorists have become more economical in terms of maintaining their vehicle.. This approach has provoked an increase in the number of road accidents involving faulty vehicles..

Many experts are confident, that the situation can be corrected, increasing the efficiency of the technical inspection system. It is also necessary to eradicate the habit of Russians to postpone a visit to a car service until the last moment..

These and other issues will be discussed at the press conference by Serhiy Zubriskiy - President of the Association NAPTO, Alexander Dovgalyuk - Chairman of the St. Petersburg Regional Council of the Association NAPTO and expert on road safety Alexander Salnikov.

The live broadcast will take place here. Media group “patriot” invites journalists of all media to participate in online press conferences, regardless of political affiliation.

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