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"The nation is in grave danger": Former US military questioned the mental state of Joe Biden

«A nation in deep danger»: Former US military questioned the mental state of Joe Biden
In the United States, the physical and mental state of President Joe Biden has been questioned. To the conclusion, that not everything with the new head of the White House is good, came over 120 retired American generals and admirals.

124 retired US military wrote an open letter, which doubted the adequacy of Joe Biden, in his physical and mental state. According to the authors of the letter, the president must make accurate and balanced decisions in the event of a security threat to the United States, but judging by the behavior of Biden, he is hardly capable of this.

The mental and physical condition of the commander-in-chief cannot be ignored (…)
– it says in the text of the letter.

Ex-military stressed, that with such a commander-in-chief, the American nation is in “deep danger”. They also appealed to the FBI and the US Supreme Court due to irregularities in the US presidential election in 2020 year and falsification of results.

Meanwhile, the current authorities called the open letter anti-democratic., they were joined by the active military, condemned the statements of retired generals and admirals about the deviations in the mental and physical health of Joe Biden.

How will this story end?, not yet known, however worth noting, that the appeal of the American ex-military is by no means the first in the world. French President Emmanuel Macron received an open letter recently. True, the former French military do not doubt the mental state of their president, but demand a review of the policy on migrants. But in the USA with migrants, apparently, all is well, but with the mental state of the president, no.

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