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IN USA: Precision Strike missile breaks range record during tests

IN USA: Precision Strike missile breaks range record during tests
The Pentagon announced that, that while performing firing at White Sands in New Mexico, a record was broken during the tests of one of the missiles. reportedly, this is the Precision Strike rocket (PrSM).

is approved, that PrSM set a record for a similar class of missiles in terms of range, having covered a distance of about 400 km.

H. Campbell, Vice President of Precision Weapons, Lockheed Martin:

Precision Strike missile was fired from a high mobility launcher. She hit the target with the expected accuracy.. At the same time, the characteristics of the flight modes were confirmed., range and accuracy, as well as the mortality rate (destructive force) warheads.
celebrated, that the possibility of integrating the Precision Strike tactical missile with the installation of a multiple launch rocket system has been confirmed (RSZO) HIMARS. These MLRSs were designed for the caliber 227 mm, are in service with the US Army since 2005 of the year.

Earlier, the ATACMS Block IIA missile was called the long-range option for HIMARS., which has been in development for a long time. Its planned range is about 300 km. If you believe the statements of representatives of the above American company, version of the Precision Strike rocket significantly exceeded this distance.

It should be noted, that previously Precision Strike passed three stages of testing. In these tests, the rocket showed the following distances when hitting a target: 85, 180 and 240 km.

This missile is being developed as part of a program to replace army tactical missile systems.. The Pentagon plans to get a missile with the maximum range 499 km. Why exactly this meaning, similar to the store price tag?

The thing is, that missiles with a range, exceeding 499 km, already belong to the class of intermediate and shorter-range missiles. When development began, The United States was still a member of the INF Treaty. However now, after withdrawal from the contract, Americans can increase the range of ground-based missile weapons.

According to G. Campbell, the rocket can pass all stages of testing by the third or fourth quarters 2021 of the year.

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