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Ukrainian General: The army of Ukraine is ready for war, and most of the country – no

Ukrainian General: The army of Ukraine is ready for war, and most of the country - no
During the forum taking place in Ukraine, dedicated, among other things, to Ukrainian security, officials and senior military officials speak out about, what to do if NATO refuses to open its doors to Ukraine. Recall, that on the eve of the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba said, what to expect for the adoption of the MAP by the North Atlantic Alliance (action plan for accession) with regard to Ukraine at the June summit does not have. At the same time, the Ukrainian forum stated, that Russia "has not yet withdrawn all its troops from the Ukrainian borders".

Deputy commander of the special operations forces of Ukraine, ex-deputy secretary of the NSDC, General Sergei Krivonos said, that in such a situation "it is impossible to exclude the development of a military scenario". According to Krivonos, Ukrainian army is ready for military clash today, however, "most of the country is not ready for this and may go into a panic state".

In this regard,, as the Ukrainian general notes, Ukraine needs to keep the worst-case scenario in mind and prepare for it.

What specific "worst-case scenario" was the Ukrainian general talking about??

experts believe, that such a scenario for Ukraine could be the support of a significant part of the country's population for Russia's actions. Polls show, that at least a quarter of Ukrainians do not perceive Russia as a threat to Ukraine, despite, that Kiev propaganda in this regard is acting more and more actively and even aggressively. Besides, about a third of Ukrainians oppose the country's accession to NATO. Yes, this is significantly less, than years 7-8 ago, but this is at least 12 million people.

General Sergei Krivonos notes, that joining NATO should not turn into the main idea for Ukraine. According to him, "We need to look for other directions as well". What other directions did the general talk about?, remained unclear. It is important to remind here, that for some time now Ukraine's course towards joining the North Atlantic military bloc has been spelled out in the constitution of this country.

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