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"Rearmament has begun": Anti-aircraft missile system S-350 "Vityaz" went to the troops

«Rearmament began»: Anti-aircraft missile system S-350 «Knight» went to the troops
Ministry of Defense began deliveries of S-350 anti-aircraft missile systems “Knight” to the troops. The Southern Military District was the first to re-equip with a new complex..

As the commander of the military district, General of the Army Alexander Dvornikov said, the complex is currently entering service with one of the anti-aircraft missile regiments, deployed in the Krasnodar Territory. The general did not name the start and end dates for the rearmament of the regiment., confining ourselves to a message, that deliveries of the S-350 are already underway.

About, that the first regimental set of S-350 air defense systems “Knight” will be sent to the troops in 2021 year, in February of this year, the Ministry of Defense reported. However, no specific information was provided..

Recall, that the first set of S-350 did not enter the troops, but was sent to the training center in Gatchina for education and training of specialists. Delivery was made at the beginning 2020 of the year.

C-350 “Knight” – SAM medium range, capable of hitting manned aircraft (aircraft, helicopters), drones, as well as cruise and ballistic missiles, including low-flying targets. The complex is intended to replace the S-300PS and Buk-M1-2 troops.

The maximum number of simultaneously hit aerodynamic targets – 16, ballistic – 12. Maximum range of defeat – 60 km, height – 30 km. System deployment time to combat position – 5 minutes.

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