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"To replace FN Minimi": Belgium has developed a new "ultralight" light machine gun FN Herstal

«To replace FN Minimi»: Belgium has developed a new «ultralight» light machine gun FN Herstal
The armies of the NATO bloc countries may soon get into service with a new light machine gun, which will finally replace the FN Minimi. The development was presented by the Belgian company FN Herstal, famous for its small arms, He writes a blog bmpd.

The new development of the Belgians is “ultralight” belt-fed FN EVOLYS light machine gun and is positioned as a support weapon of the squad-platoon level. The weapon is designed in two basic variants: under caliber cartridge 5,56 x 45 mm 7,62 x 51 mm. The difference in models is minimal, except for the caliber, this applies to the curb weight, barrel length and tape length.

In the version chambered for 5,56 mm, The curb weight of the FN Herstal machine gun is 5,5 kg, barrel length – 355 mm, total length (from the position of the butt) – 850 – 950 mm, uses tapes on 100 or 200 rounds. In the version chambered for 7,62 mm the curb weight is slightly higher and is 6,2 kg, barrel length – 406 mm, total length – 925 – 1025 mm. Uses tape on 50 rounds. Feeding belts is made from special soft boxes.

Effective firing range is stated in 800 and 1000 meters for calibers 5,56 and 7,62 mm, respectively,, rate of fire – 750 rounds per minute.

The machine gun widely uses aluminum alloys and plastics., which led to a significant reduction in weight. The FN Herstal design is based on the principle of removing powder gases from the bore, open breech and short stroke gas piston. There is a fire switch from automatic to single, long Picattini bar installed. The machine gun is adapted for use by left-handed people.

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