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National Interest: USA is not ready for a big war

National Interest: USA is not ready for a big war
The United States is not ready for a major war with its main adversaries. This is the conclusion reached by the American magazine The National Interest.

US President Joe Biden's administration raises defense spending in 2022 year in total 1,72% compared with 2021 year, having invested significant funds in solving “internal problems”, such, how education, preschool education, medicine, etc.. According to the author, published in the magazine, it is not right.

Instead of wasting money fixing “external threat”, The White House is engaged “internal problems”. At that time “main” opponents of the United States, to which the author traditionally refers China and Russia, and also Iran, prepare to fight as against the allies, and against the USA.

The author writes directly, that the current state of the U.S. armed forces “alarming”, since the main military equipment is already outdated and its “very little”. The size of the armed forces is declining, new equipment is not purchased, funds for rearmament are not allocated. In contrast to the US, armies of Russia and China are intensively rearming, supplying their aircraft with the latest equipment and modern technologies.

According to the magazine, USA is not ready for war with a serious adversary, and the hope for the armies of NATO allies is extremely small, they themselves have many problems. In the event of a military conflict with the main adversaries of the United States, you need to rely only on your own forces., but they are not enough.

Against this background, the author suggests the White House to stop increasing spending on internal problems, redirecting them to the defense.

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