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Nuclear war between the United States and China: who will win

Nuclear war between the United States and China: who will win

AT 2016 year a "trade war" began between China and the United States, which could result in a nuclear. Yes, sounds awful, we hope, that it won't come to this. Let's reflect, who has more chances to win.

Americans have huge rockets, stored in silos. They are located below ground level. About 400 missiles "Minuteman-III", and there 50 in long-term storage. Also the USA has 14 submarines, 4 of them will be immediately ready for the instant release of nuclear charges. Americans have 66 gliders, a 12 of them are able to rise faster, than enemy strikes will touch Washington.

The Chinese, in turn, have more 50 huge nuclear missiles. About 300 warheads will be aimed at the United States. However, China has missiles, which need to be refueled before departure, eg, DF-5. Experts say, that there is little hope for the fleet, because the Americans will stop them at the first archipelago, where are the US forces located. The Chinese have about 13 gliders. Among them there are both old models, eg, Lie-Fang 1, and more modern, eg, Shenyang HU-1 Seagull.

Besides, experts say, what China will lose 21% the population, and Americans - 15%. This is due to the fact, that there are more Chinese, therefore, the ratio of the population will not change much in the post-war period.

It is worth noting, that this is just a calculation of the weapons of the countries. No guarantee, that the USA will react faster, than China or vice versa. However, it is also worth considering the rapid economic growth of the PRC.. AND, of course, Xi Jinping is actively investing in the military industry. Therefore it is unknown, how is the situation going. We hope, that we will never know this.

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