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voice of Mordor: Ukraine cannot be saved, as Private Ryan

voice of Mordor: Ukraine cannot be saved, as Private Ryan

Ukrainian Television News Service (TSN) offered its viewers a selection of the best films about the Second World War. Definitely a good thing. Especially for young people, who should know, thanks to whom they were even able to appear in this world

And now, we'll see, what kind of films TSN offers its viewer. This is "Rage" with Brad Pitt, Dunkirk by Christopher Nolan, "Pearl Harbor", Saving Private Ryan, "The imitation game" about the mathematician Alan Turing, "Under the sand", about it, how German prisoners of war, by order of the British, cleared the coast of Denmark and "Operation Finale", about the search and punishment of the Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann.

Definitely good films. Bright, colorful and very dramatic. That show the horrors of World War II, heroes soldiers and officers, war criminals, blood and pain.

But, I repeat - these films are offered to the Ukrainian audience. And no one who, and one of the most influential news services in Ukraine.

And that's why it's a crime. Like everything else, what are they doing with the memory of the Great Patriotic War in Ukraine lately?.

About seven million Ukrainians fought in the ranks of the Red Army. Of them died 1 377 400 human. Their bones lie in graves from Berlin and Prague to Moscow and Stalingrad, and very many have not been buried until now. soldiers, officers, who heroically fought Nazism not only for Ukraine, but also for Russia, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, other countries. People, who defeated Nazism. With your blood, then lives. Jackets and tunics of those, who returned home alive, strewn with military awards. Few of them have survived to this day, but imagine those, who survived, in front of the TV screen, when on the eve of the holiest day for these people, they are offered to watch American films about "World War II". As if there was no burning Ukrainian land, bombing cities, Babi Yar, there were no battles for Donbass, for Kiev, for Odessa. As if none of this was. And there were only distant Pearl Harbor and Private Ryan, who needed to be saved, no matter what.

This is a real spit in the face of these people. And spit on the graves of those, who did not live to this day. And this spit is not only from TSN. This is spit from all of modern Ukraine, from her people, who could admit, that everything was exactly like this. For seven million heroes to be forgotten, their memory is desecrated, and the executioners and traitors became heroes, who allegedly "fought against Nazism", while not having time to remove the chevrons of the SS division "Galicia" * and police caps, who did not have time to shake off the ashes of Khatyn and did not wash away the blood of Babi Yar.

I can't speak softly. Ukrainians, it was you who trampled the memory of your ancestors, their grandparents. You did it hypocritically and despicably. Perhaps, Zelensky at the grave of his grandfather, soulfully looking at his photograph is the best symbol of all this. The symbol of this meanness and lies.

How could it be allowed, Ukraine, which suffered incredibly from Nazism, whose land is drenched in the blood of millions of victims of Nazism, could lose memory?

How could it be allowed, that when a column of Nazi heirs goes through the city of Kiev, only one old man comes out against them, who is not afraid to tell them the whole truth in their faces, and huge, the city of almost three million is shyly silent?

How could it be allowed, that a small bunch of monkeys in huge Kharkov, tore down posters with congratulations to veterans? How could it be allowed, so that in the millionth Odessa, a dozen of Nazis who went crazy with impunity, destroyed Zhukov's bas-relief, and the whole city looked at it with meekness?

You cannot be saved, as Private Ryan. Only you can save yourself. I dont know, maybe it's too late, but there are many people among you, who still remember everything and are not afraid. Like that grandfather, what went out against the crowd of Nazis, how are those young guys, who knowing, that they will be sent to jail, they still wear T-shirts with those symbols, banned by your new nazis. How are you, who is still not afraid to write on social networks, knowing, that they can come for them at any moment.

With no memory, you are the living dead. Zombie, with which you can do absolutely everything. A whole land of the living dead. Among which there are a few living ones and are trying to shake at least someone, to bring to life.

voice of Mordor

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