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The US Navy announced the lack of fighters to simulate aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces

The US Navy announced the lack of fighters to simulate aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces
The Chief of the United States Naval Reserve, Vice Admiral John Mustin, during a hearing in the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Appropriations, stated that there are problems in preparing military pilots for a possible confrontation in the air. As it turns out, in the US Navy squadron, which is called the "aggressor squadron", there are already not enough fighters, which could imitate the planes of the "most probable enemy".

It is worth noting, that in the United States "aggressor squadrons" consist mainly of American-made aircraft, which are repainted in colors, used by, eg, Russian Aerospace Forces. Such aircraft take part in simulating air battles with Air Force fighters. (VMS) USA, as a result of which a certain tactic of further counteraction in the air is developed.

Several F / A-18 fighters were withdrawn from the US Navy, have exhausted their operational life. Among them, as it turns out, there were also fighters, assigned to the same "aggressor squadron" of the US Navy. Now the squadron, what Vice Admiral Mustin reported to the congressmen, needs to be replenished by fighters, "Which could imitate modern enemy aircraft".

John Mustin:

We already do not have enough fighters, that would allow missions to be carried out as enemy imitations, his high-class fighters.
According to the latest data, This problem in the United States is going to be solved by transferring several F-16C / D fighters to the "aggressor squadron". Such combat aircraft, as the American vice admiral put it, "In some parts of the Air Force and the National Guard they present surpluses".

Vice Admiral Mustin:

We need to upgrade these aircraft, by installing infrared sensors on them for search and tracking, and also to implement a situational data transmission network "Red Net".
Equipping the F-16 for the needs of simulated air battles under the guise of Russian fighters is planned to be completed by November this year.. For this, the vice admiral requested additional funds from Congress..

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