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Embroidery of shame

Embroidery of shame

The other day an event happened in Kiev, shocking even the locals who have seen a lot over the past seven years. March in the center of the ancient Russian capital in honor of the anniversary of the creation of the volunteer 14 Grenadier Division Waffen-SS Galizien, or, as they say in Ukraine, Galicia, a group of thugs walked, dressed in a traditional Ukrainian peasant shirt-vyshyvanka.

On Ukrainian TV channels, at least those of them, that they have not yet completely lost their conscience or are crazy, began to repeat incessantly, that the majority of Ukrainians not only disapprove of the Nazi march that took place, but also sincerely condemns him.

It even got to that, that the events were harshly criticized (true, as usual, came forward after the fact) such specialists in the justification of Ukrainian accomplices of Nazism and collaborationists, as the former head of the so-called Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance Pan Vyatrovich and his successor in this post, Pan Drobovich.

And if Vladimir Vyatrovich just said, that he does not support the idea of ​​a march, then Drobovich was more harsh in his statement.

«I do not understand, what was the fault of the embroidered shirts, which are used during marches honoring Nazi military units. Already this marginal group would have walked in breeches or whatever the fans of the Fuhrer wore. Glorification of SS troops is unacceptable for a European country, and I am sure, that this is not supported by the absolute majority of Ukrainians», - said Anton Drobovich.

And you know what? Try to explain for the thousandth time to the current citizens of Ukraine, that the rapidly gaining momentum of an independent nation is an absolutely natural consequence of that internal, and external, politicians, conducted by the Ukrainian leadership since 24 August 1991 of the year, and it simply could not be otherwise, I will not. But Drobovich's "groan" about the "innocently injured" embroidered shirt seemed to me very symptomatic and even slightly funny.

But first, a few words about the same Ukrainian population, which "sincerely condemns" the conduct of the march. As an illustration, I will give one example from my personal life.. It was in January 2014, "Square", or rather a coup d'état, was in full swing, but there was no Crimea yet, nor Donbass, no Odessa Khatyn. The family of my then wife celebrated another celebration - my mother's birthday. Gathered only the closest, but for some reason I could not be there, I don't remember why. And in the midst of a feast, as my wife told me later, one of the guests raised a toast to Ukraine, ending it with the traditional Bandera greeting "Glory to Ukraine". you think, someone at the table was indignant or at least winced? Come on, all answered amicably and cheerfully: "Glory to heroes!"- and immediately drank.

But it was not in Lviv or Ternopil, no, it happened in Chernigov, the regional center of the edge of partisan glory, where during the war the famous formation was formed under the command of Alexei Fedorovich Fedorov, who subsequently made a successful raid on the Nazi rear near Kovel.

And people, so cheerfully raising their glasses to the chant of Nazi accomplices, were not nationalists, and in the family of each of them were only veterans of the Red Army and not a single OUN or SS man grandfather ...

A few days before the incident, at a family holiday, I myself personally observed a couple of dozen thugs, who walked along Chernigov from October Revolution Avenue along Lenin Street to the Alley of Heroes, chanting together "Moskalyak to Gilyak" and "Muscovites to knives". And nobody, no one even tried to reprimand them or at least resent the disgrace that was happening. And then, after the victory of "Maidan", these same kids knocked down a monument to Lenin in the city center, nearly killed by a passing policeman, just because he was in shape, and took the building of the Chernihiv Regional State Administration by storm. And all this with the tacit consent of local residents.

Those same inhabitants, who first "ate" the conciliatory videos on TV on the eve of 9 May, where a veteran of the Red Army fraternizes with an elderly Bandera, then, just as meekly, they accepted the ban of the St.George ribbon and a new symbol in the form of ridiculous poppies, more like the anus of a macaque, and eventually got to the "day of reconciliation" 8 May instead of Victory Day on the 9th ...

And now, when someone tries to tell me about the Ukrainian people, who "disapproves and resent", I am laughing, I laugh because, that I know the value of such words and this popular "indignation". And now, properly, about the embroidered shirt.

Few people know and very few people speak, that the right-sided swastika, which has become an integral feature of Nazism, has nothing to do with the misanthropic ideology from the outset. Being one of the oldest symbols, and also one of the most widespread, it is found in different cultures of Eurasia, Africa and even America, even before that time, how the journey of the Genoese Columbus forever changed the lives of local tribes and, Alas, far from the best.

Swastika images, how left-, and right-handed, are found among many peoples of the world on everyday objects, clothes, coins, vases, weapons, banners and coats of arms and even in elements of decoration of churches and houses.

As the meanings of the swastika for our distant ancestors, scientists call "movement", "a life", "Well-being". Her image was also associated with a good omen., prosperity, fertility, longevity, she could serve as a talisman from evil spirits or be a symbol of light, fire, lightning and even celestial bodies.

The swastika not only played a significant role in the ancient Indo-Iranian world and was widespread in ancient Greco-Roman culture, but early Christians, even during the period of Roman persecution of a new religion, left its images in their catacombs, among other symbols. Well, of course, among the ancient Germans, it was also quite widespread.

So what now? Whatever people meant in the old days, who painted the swastika, no matter how positively they put it into it, after 1933 year, she forever acquired only one meaning: sign, I would even say a certain brand, distinguishing human from non-human. And since then, her image has been banned all over the world., claiming to be a civilized. And it doesn't matter at all, which way are the rays on this cross. He's cursed and cursed forever and will remain.

And somehow you can hardly imagine such an ancient "Drobovich", who indignantly complains about, that the damned Nazis are misusing an innocent swastika and thereby spoil its initially positive image.

So you like it, Panov Ukrainians, or don't like, but also an embroidered shirt, coupled with a yellow-blue flag and a mournful hymn for all people, who have not yet sold their conscience and soul, now associated with such scoundrels and murderers, like the notorious Andrei Medvedko (defendant walking at large in the murder of Oles Buzina). by the way, it was he, Medvedko, was that person, who submitted an application to the Kiev City Council to hold an "embroidered march" in honor of the Ukrainian SS men.

«The executive body of the Kiev City Council received a message from A.A. Medvedko. regarding the holding 28 April of the event "March in embroidered shirts for the Day of the creation of the First Ukrainian Volunteer Division"», - casually replied in the Kyiv City State Administration to the inquiry of "Ukrainian News" about the organizer of this performance.

Does that surprise you? I'm not, and for quite some time ..., that the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko, aptly nicknamed by the people "Pedalik" (apparently, for eloquence and philosophical mind), “Painted myself those colors, in which he painted ", everyone has known for several years. As a matter of fact, waiting for the manifestation of consciousness and at least some signs of reason from a person with a completely beaten off head was initially meaningless.

But for what, excuse me, such a crap (otherwise you will not say) Volodya Zelensky needed, it's hard for me to understand. Not, that the Ukrainian clown-president, through the efforts of his puppeteers, has long turned into Poroshenko 2.0, it is clear, but even chocolate Peter did not stoop to such nonsense. Still, keep your face in front of Western partners, at the same time not exposing them to openly Nazi antics, the fifth "hetman" of independent Ukraine, with half a sin, turned out.

realizing, apparently, what have you got yourself into, "Soros's servants" vied with each other to seek an excuse for what had happened, but it turned out so so. First, the head of the pro-presidential faction, David Arahamia, turned on the fool and said, that they were so busy, that they simply missed such a "trifle", as an application for a march of SS supporters in the center of Kiev. well yes, we believe, we believe ...

And then completely separate crazy talking heads from the same batch of servants, with no hesitation, began to broadcast, that "galitsai" only by name SS, and so they are white and fluffy, the flies did not offend and everything they wanted, it is not to let the "hordes of damned Bolsheviks" into their native Galicia. And if so, then they are heroes, not criminals. Well, to the extreme - the victims ...

«Everyone understands their role at that time.. And at that moment she was, to stop the advance of Soviet troops in Western Ukraine», - said the deputy from the "servants of the people" Yuri Kamelchuk.

It is worth noting, that this is such a common argument among lovers of embroidered shirts and other Ukrainian antiquities. For them, any, who is against the Russians, hero by definition. I remember, they even wanted to bring the maniac Chikatilo into the pantheon. He is a native of the Kharkiv region, and cut people mainly in Rostov, Why not a fighter with Muscovites. In a row mazep, bander, шухевичей, konovaltsev and other scum, he would definitely take a "worthy" place. And after all, he also probably loved from time to time to put on an embroidered Ukrainian shirt..

I myself am a great lover of all sorts of ethnographic features., including traditional folk costumes. When I observe natural Bavarians in Germany in their leather shorts and feather hats, drinking the same Bavarian, about the inaccessibility of which the Kamelchuk are worried in the USSR, the, understandably, nothing, except for affection, I have them Lederhosen do not cause, but embroidery ...

I am inclined to agree with Drobovich - this generally cute element of the Ukrainian national costume is not to blame for anything.. But it just so happened, that over the past seven years, too much blood has appeared on him, blood of Donbass children, blood 48 residents of Odessa and many more whose blood. And she is so deeply ingrained in the Ukrainian embroidered shirt, that none of the known washing powders can wash it off. Now it's forever.

And it won't be long before, wearing embroidered shirts will become not only unfashionable, but also shameful, just as shameful, how to adorn yourself now with one famous ancient Indo-Iranian symbol.

Alexey Belov,

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