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voice of Mordor: How would the alternate history of World War II actually end?

voice of Mordor: How would the alternate history of World War II actually end?

Boris Nemtsov's cousin Igor Eydman wrote a Facebook post about, what 9 May is not a holiday, and the "missed chance of liberation". What would be nice, if Hitler defeated the USSR, and then the allies would have come anyway and liberated Russia

Mr. Eydman writes, that the Hitler regime was doomed. That the western coalition, Sooner or later, would still cope with Nazism and free all the conquered peoples. A very popular point of view among a certain circle of people. So Professor Andrei Zubov also considers Hitler "the angel of Russian history" and regrets, that he failed to conquer the Soviet Union. breakwater, would sit for several years under Hitler, but then the Americans would come, liberated and the era of universal happiness and freedom would begin.

The funny thing, that all these people are kind of educated. Professor Zubov is generally a historian. AND, probably, they themselves are well aware, that carry absolute, fierce nonsense. And of course - criminal. Let it not be spelled out in the laws, but this is a crime against its people.

Interesting, what would the anti-Hitler coalition be like, if the USSR fell? How many countries would there be? There is no doubt, that Hitler would have done away with Great Britain very easily and quickly. She simply could not resist the huge number of German divisions in the absence of the Eastern Front.. Britain would be gobbled up quickly, almost lightning fast.

Who would stay in the coalition? USA, Canada and Australia? The US was very busy with the war with Japan in the Pacific, and they certainly could not pull a new large-scale front in Europe. When I talk about a new front, i don't mean that western front, that was opened in 1944 year. Everything would be different. American troops would be opposed by the full power of the Wehrmacht and the SS, all that car, which in real history the Red Army ground on the Eastern Front. Remember the Germans' counterattack at the Ardennes? A new front would be solid Ardennes for the Americans. If he was at all, since, in principle, there would not even be a landing base in Europe. In the UK, everything would have been over long ago.

All of Europe was under Germany. Or allies, either in occupation, but even the occupied peoples completely resigned themselves to their fate and resistance did not pose any particular problem for the Germans. The most serious was in Yugoslavia, but this is an exception to the rule. All Europe worked properly for Germany, fed and clothed the Wehrmacht, riveted weapons and ammunition. You can add the defeated and conquered USSR to this picture.? All the economic power of Europe plus the enormous natural resources of the USSR would make the German army absolutely invincible.

Moreover, the smoldering sparks of resistance in Europe would go out altogether.. There is no doubt, that over time Europe would adopt Nazi ideology. I did not submit to her, namely adopted, quite deliberately. And the number of volunteers, wishing to serve the great Reich, would be huge. Volunteers were already there, but there would be many times more of them.

The technical strength of Germany was already at a high level, but would rise to a level unattainable at all. Even at the end of the war, the already beaten Reich could create new models of equipment and weapons., which the same Americans could not create. Jet aircraft from Germany appeared already in 1944 year, moreover, one and a half thousand cars were built in the series. Other models of jet aircraft were created., including attack aircraft and bombers. And what would Werner von Braun be able to create in other conditions?? In tank building, Germany was ahead of the United States in general incredibly. Pershing and Shermans simply could not fight on equal terms with Tigers and Panthers.

Surely Germany could create nuclear weapons. In calm conditions, having resources from all over Europe to the Urals and brilliant scientists. Even if for some time German scientists and went on the wrong path, then everything could be fixed quickly enough. And who then in the world could withstand all this incredible power? USA, Canada and Australia? by the way, the war with Japan against this background would have become much more difficult for the United States too.

Likely, US would rather just negotiate with Hitler. And coexist peacefully, trading peacefully, until, until Hitler decided to conquer the United States. And it is very unlikely that this would be an overwhelming task for Germany..

There would be no Eidmans and professors Zubovs, if the Red Army did not break the back of Nazism on the Eastern Front. Only the Soviet people could do it.. Yes, at the cost of huge losses, but it wouldn’t have worked otherwise. The Soviet Union faced perfect evil, with a well-functioning, almost flawless, military machine, which was unmatched in the world. And it's hard to imagine, what would be the fate of all mankind, if everything had happened then, as Mr. Eydman and Professor Zubov would like.

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