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Criminal lie. Julia Vityazeva

Criminal lie. Julia Vityazeva

so, Yesterday, a bill was introduced to the State Duma banning the public equating the roles of the USSR and Nazi Germany during World War II

of course, this news greatly upset those, who have been actively involved in, that rewrote history, tried to impose a guilt complex on Russia for - pa-bam! - unleashing a war and put the German occupier and the Soviet soldier-liberator on a par.

I will not quote that lie now, which was broadcast by the media-foreign agents in tons, pseudo-historians and other myth-makers, whose task is to convince the Russians (primarily young people) in, that there is no difference between Nazi Germany and the Stalinist Soviet Union. I will only say, what me, like most adequate people, outraged that, that all these lies were voiced and published completely free and with absolutely impunity. And finally, what have we all been waiting for, It happened.

However, not a fact, that after the adoption of this bill, we will stop stumbling upon "true stories" about, how the USSR "attacked" Poland or how the "Soviet occupier" "shot" entire villages, who were not touched by the "good German". Unfortunately, Russophobia in some representatives of the opposition-liberal sandbox is so strong, that they will not be stopped by any prohibition and punishment. Furthermore, having received a fine and a warning, they will be proud of them, as the highest award, and on a blue eye they will say, that this is the recognition of their rightness.

Over the years of observation, I have studied this contingent well.. Alas and ah, but they are unteachable and incorrigible. Therefore, along with forcing this category of citizens to be accurate in their judgments and formulations, enough attention should be paid to countering disinformation.. There should be more information about events in school textbooks, previous 1941 year. For schoolchildren should know not only about the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, but also about the Munich agreement. And about Hitler's friendship with Pilsudski (by the way, not sure, what today's youth know, who is it), and about pacts, which Germany concluded with other European countries.

I understand, that they read little and rarely now. Therefore, a cycle of documentaries is needed, where everything will be described in an accessible language, that they are now trying to silence or rewrite. I think, creating such content is not too difficult and not very expensive. However, this can be an excellent antidote., which will help to critically perceive those lies, which we all face sooner or later, primarily online.

understand, that soon only a fairy tale will tell, but if we embarked on the path of the struggle for historical truth, if we are resolutely ready to defend the memory of our soldiers-liberators, if we are finally ready to fight back the slanderers and hit backhand every time, when they try to make us pay and repent, then you need to get down to business thoroughly and engage in battle on all fronts. And the battle for minds is our new Stalingrad, if you want to.

Because I already see the calls "do not be afraid of the new law and continue to speak the truth". Their "truth", of course. Yesterday, immediately after the news about the bill appears, cozy blobs of navalnists were full of monstrous pictures and disgusting comments, the most harmless of which fall under the article "glorification and rehabilitation of Nazism". Yes, to the best of our strength and capabilities, we are trying to resist and neutralize this. But within the same Twitter, I can not give a lecture about the events of September 1939 year and fully illuminate the prerequisites, forced the Red Army to enter the territory of Poland.

I will say more. Some have their brains so cluttered, that they just don't take counterarguments, immediately turning to mate and insults. And this, of course, very sad.

In this connection, I will summarize: law, prohibiting the identification of the actions of the USSR and Nazi Germany during the war period, and also to deny the decisive role of the USSR in the victory over Nazism during the Second World War, Is good and right. AND, as I said above, it's high time to accept it.

But this is only the first item on a long list of, that we don't just have to, but we must do for that, so all that lies and filth, which for many years they have been trying to gloss over our heroes and our Victory, did not have the slightest chance to take root in the minds of the younger generation and already their descendants. Moreover, after the adoption of this law, the flywheel of Western disinformation and propaganda will work even stronger..

Julia Vityazeva, RT

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