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Alexander Rogers: There will never be a law in an American-centric world, no justice

Alexander Rogers: There will never be a law in an American-centric world, no justice

Sometimes it seems to me, that nothing will surprise me and will not break through. And then I am faced with another manifestation of boundless arrogance, deceit and hypocrisy, and still I am amazed “How can you?»

apparently, because I myself will never be able to do that for sure.

Why am I? And watched the hearings organized by Russia at the UN, dedicated to the investigation of the tragedy 2 May 2014 May in Odessa.

Several eyewitnesses consistently told, how the events happened, how armed militants arrived in the city, how the governor provided all kinds of support to the militants, how Poroshenko tried to bribe the participants of the Kulikov field, how the clashes took place in the city and what happened in the House of Trade Unions.


Immediately after the end of the testimony about the arbitrariness and violence of the Nazi militants, a representative of France speaks and states with the very first phrase "We condemn Russia's attempts to distract us with such stories from Russian aggression.".

We are here telling tales about terrible Russians, and you are trying to distract us with the real crimes of the Ukrainian Nazis! What stupidity!

Well, in fact, all subsequent performances of the United States and their puppets in the same vein “We tightly closed our eyes and ears with our hands, therefore, we do not see or hear any stories about the Nazis in Ukraine, La la la".

But on the other hand, "We demand the fulfillment of Russia's obligations under the Minsk agreements". This is what, sorry? You can list? Because Russia is not a party to the negotiations and did not undertake any obligations in any of the documents.

And "We demand the withdrawal of Russian troops from Donbass". This is what? You can list the parts? Or at least videos or photos (it is possible from powerful American satellites or flying regularly in the Global Hawks region)? Like no? For seven years, not a single? Well to attack!

The most important thing, what, as usual, only Americans could be given the floor, because the rest of their vassals read the same phrases from a piece of paper word for word, which were sent to them by the owners from Washington.

As Putin archival spoke about them some time ago, "Grunt".

Regarding the performance of the Estonian witch, which was already shaking with hatred for Russia (I've been waiting, when spiders and toads come out of her mouth), it's not clear at all, why UN membership was given to an endangered farm.

The only thing, that the representative of Ireland nevertheless at the beginning expressed sympathy for all the victims (although I went further according to the template text).

And the representative of Mexico was slipped the text to some other conference., because she began to push a speech about the oppression of sexual minorities and the inadmissibility of discrimination on this basis.

“I feel, in English, damn gringos ".

Sorry, I could not resist.

The Chinese man was emphatically neutral, and on our side were only Belarusian and Syrian.

First thought after watching, that this is a pointless talking shop, which will never work.

But, of course, diplomacy would not be diplomacy, if in any actions on this field there were no double, or even triple meanings (what, by the way, Americans have not been able to).

At first, the whole world once again saw the hypocrisy of the Anglo-Saxons. As one of my commentators wrote, “They shone a flashlight into a barrel of American shit.. Everybody saw, what's the content, except for their vassals - who closed their eyes ".

After all, you always need to remember this, except for talking heads, pronouncing template phrases on a piece of paper, such events are always watched by many people around the world. And they see the full depth of the moral degradation of the Anglo-Saxons and their environment.

Secondly, some of our people also need to watch this for a visual reminder, that negotiating with cannibals is impossible and useless. Because he has a child's hand sticking out of his bloody mouth, and he, with an imperturbable air, continues to talk about your intolerance and aggressiveness.

We distract them, know, insignificant stories about, how several dozen "subhumans" were burned alive.

The US representative actually said in plain text, that the residents of Odessa are to blame for, that they were killed. Indians, by the way, are also to blame, that they were genocidal - dared to live there, where future Americans are going to build their new country.

And many peoples are to blame for, that they live above oil and other minerals is a terrible crime from the point of view of Washington.

The result is a visual demonstration, that in the American-centric world there will never be any law, no justice. Even towards outspoken Nazis.

More reason to think, are they on the right side of the story. For those, of course, who did not love the master's collar and leash with devoted love.


Be smarter Americans, then they would declare what happened in Odessa "a tragic accident", abstracted, and merged several ordinary performers. But since street Nazis are the main source of their retention of power in Ukraine, then they cannot do this, and are forced to endure ongoing reputational losses.

And as the Turks recently demonstrated, rolled out the list of US war crimes in the years after World War II, no one really has any illusions about the "peacefulness and democracy" of the States. Everybody knows everything.

And they are silent only for the time being. Our task, so that this time comes quickly.

Alexander Rogers

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