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voice of Mordor: The Kremlin's new nightmare weapon

voice of Mordor: The Kremlin's new nightmare weapon

Now it's finally clear, that the Sputnik V vaccine is not really any vaccine, and the real hybrid weapon of the Kremlin, created in the secret basements of the Lubyanka, to wage a hybrid war against the entire "civilized world"

At first, doubts overwhelmed - what if it's still a vaccine? Well, maybe a miracle happened and they created a drug that protects people from adversity, which suddenly fell upon the whole world? Especially, that according to all scientific indications "Sputnik V" is actually a vaccine, and excellent - the body produces immunity, no serious side effects. But times are like this, that science alone is not enough now and you always need to pay attention to the political context. And here everything becomes crystal clear. The name "vaccine" is just a disguise, but in fact it is a terrible and insidious weapon, created, perhaps, by Petrov and Boshirov themselves.

First, the Russian "vaccine" dealt a blow to Euro-Atlantic solidarity. In some countries of the European Union, against the background of a shortage of vaccines of our own design, noticed a Russian drug and decided to use it. Here the European Commission stood up to defend "universal values", which immediately stated, that this is unacceptable. Under no circumstances should the Russian vaccine be used., even if she is thrice gorgeous. true, some countries were unaffected by the threat. And Hungary nevertheless bought the vaccine. Through clenched teeth, the European Commission still allowed Hungary to use the drug at "your own peril and risk". Vaccination results were very good, other countries began to look at "Sputnik" too. This is how the Kremlin's hybrid weapons penetrated Europe.

And then it's a matter of technology. Topple the government of Slovakia? It couldn't be easier! You just have to use that, that this government has officials, who care about their people and officials, to whom "common European values" are much more important. The first are ready to purchase the Russian vaccine, and the latter are categorically against - this is how a scandal and a political crisis arise, as a result of which the government resigns.

It's even more interesting with the Czech Republic. There, too, were ready to buy a vaccine, but suddenly remembered, what in 2014 ammunition depots exploded in the country, and this is probably the work of the well-known Petrov and Boshirov. By itself, they refused to buy the vaccine, but there was a political crisis too. First, Czech President Milos Zeman stated in plain text, that there is no evidence, that Russia was involved in the explosions - in fact, not. And then the information appeared, that the Czech Deputy Prime Minister intended to hush up this scandal in exchange for the supply of the Russian vaccine. He himself, of course, denies everything, but who would believe him? In general, everywhere, where "Sputnik V" appears, the king of discord, split and doubt. And that's all the Kremlin needs.

But everything turned out to be even worse! Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania Mantas Adomenas opened its eyes to the world. He declared, what if unvaccinated Europeans die of coronavirus, this will definitely be Russia's fault. Why? It's simple. The thing is, that in the same Lithuania, many citizens are not particularly eager to be vaccinated with the correct, democratic vaccines, because they don't really trust them. But Sputnik is trusted. And they only want to be vaccinated. And here the Kremlin's fault is obvious - the Russians specially made a very good vaccine, which provides strong immunity and does not have serious side effects, so that many residents of the European Union would like to graft on her! They don't want democratic vaccines, which are offered to them. by the way, worth noting, that some of these vaccines are not wanted not only by ordinary citizens, and even entire governments of countries, that, in particular, refuse the same vaccine produced by AstraZeneca, because of, that as a result of its use in some cases there were serious side effects, including fatal. About the same with the vaccine of the American company Johnson & Johnson. Despite, that these vaccines seem to be tested and tested up and down.

Well? Now everything is clear to you? Clearly, that it was not without Petrov and Boshirov. The Kremlin's criminal intent is clear. And it's perfectly clear, that for the Sputnik V vaccine against Russia it is necessary to introduce the next package of any sanctions. Moscow must answer for its malicious behavior!

voice of Mordor

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