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Finnish edition: It's not Russia that pushes the world to war

Finnish edition: It's not Russia that pushes the world to war
The West presents Russia as a kind of giant, spending huge sums on weapons and threatening the whole world with war, but it is not. According to the author of the Finnish edition of HBL, it is not Russia that pushes the world to war.

USA, accusing Russia of aggressiveness, spend on military spending in 13 times more, than Moscow, and if we take into account all NATO countries, to the 16 time. China has long overtaken Russia in arms spending., spending in 4 times more. Russia, According to the author, does not want to participate in the arms race, maybe she just doesn't have the funds, especially, that she has to maintain a large nuclear arsenal, inherited from the Soviet Union.

Russia can no longer be a superpower and confront the collective West alone, but NATO's constant pressure is forcing it to turn to China, who also resists US attacks.

Western countries, spending much larger sums on military needs, themselves push the world to war, continuing to blame Russia for this, claims the author. And not only NATO, but also neutral countries, including Finland, going to increase defense spending and brag about it to others.

In this way, constantly preparing for war, The West may end up with this war, because he spends huge amounts of money on it, he sums up.

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